Today I spent the entire day trying not to think of Rhys, and failed spectacularly. Though we did meet up at lunch, we were surrounded by our friends so no chance of a private conversation. An empty seat next to him seemed like a divine blessing to me….. that is until my friend went ahead and spectacularly dumped herself on it!!! So I resigned myself to missing him for the rest of the afternoon. Though we had plans to meet up later in the evening, his friends took him out to coffee. It seemed like the more I craved to be near him, the more fate ( or in this case friends…) put up an obstacle course. However, he managed to get free and came over. To be in his arms once again was just so surreal….. I could not help looking into his melting eyes and feeling so lucky at having him by my side……

though he had to leave within an hour to get back home, we chatted over messages for quite a long time i.e. until we realized we both had to study……  Try as I might to concentrate on my books, I kept checking my phone ever so often to see if he had messaged…….. Finally he messaged at 1:00 am ……and I found out that he had a terrible sore throat… Oh how i wish i could be with him right now to take care of him, but sadly that is not possible…… Upon messaging back, I got no reply! I’m pretty sure he dozed off ( i just find it sooo cute when he does that ) !!

Sweet dreams Rhys, Hope you feel better in the morning,

Till then, yours,


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