Coaching Classes ….and the Shahi Tukra

Sunday will no longer be a day to rest for us, for our coaching classes have begun ( Damn the competitive entrance exams!)… This Sunday was our first class which went on for a mind numbing 8 hrs!!! The only way I survived was by stealing glances at Rhys across the room ;-)…… After the class got over one of our common friends offered to take us to a place with great street food but unfortunately Rhys had to head home. I was a little disappointed as i hadn’t been able to have a private  word with him all day and now it seemed unlikely that i would get one. And since we were surrounded by I couldn’t even say a proper goodbye. In fact, the only way i could figure out to playfully get close to him was to start pulling his leg, but unfortunately our friends also joined me and it got a bit too much for him. I so wanted to comfort him but with all the people around i couldn’t really do so….. (  i’m sorry Rhys!!! )

Shahi tukra- So want u to taste this, Rhys!!

After such a grand meal there really was nothing to do but head home and get under the covers. Rhys cold was still pretty bad but he insisted on talking via phone till late at night and as a result his sore throat got worse. IDIOT! ( But then i guess i would have done the same…..) So though it had been a taxing day, it still ended on a sweet note of shahi tukra and a sweeter Rhys!!



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