Care v/s Stubbornness…

“Opposites attract” The fundamental of love, of people falling in love…  This is  pretty much true for me and Nick as well…

Nick and i, though being similar in many ways , are opposite also in few things… But the strange part is that we keep on changing our roles of being the opposite…Confused..??? Let me explain..

Since the time we have known each other, Nick has always been the stubborn arrogant idiot who doesn’t listen to anyone and would ultimately do whatever he thinks is right ( still i love u Nick )… On the other hand, I m just the opposite, being obedient and listening to Nick and also worrying about him and his health, especially when he is drunk… 😛 But this stubborn idiot sometimes somehow listens to me very RARELY 😀 …

Just 3-4 days back, these roles got reversed ,ie, i became the stubborn guy in our relation… Despite realizing the bad cold weather outside, i didn’t take precautions and  i went out in the chilly winds with just a tee over me… But i wasn’t feeling sick that day, felt  just a slight cold… When i told Nick about this, he scolded me and asked me to take medicines.. But i refused and said i’m fine… Even after this, instead of being cautious, i went on hogging on food which was not good for my throat.. It was not until the day before yesterday that i realized i was sick with cold and sore  throat and i was developing some fever.. I had to take medicine finally and it was none other that Nick who gave me the medicine… I could see the anger and concern in his eyes for me but he didn’t say anything to me at that time because we were surrounded by friends…

Yesterday when i went to Nick’s room to learn how to paint(he finally agreed to teach me ), i was really sick  with severe cold and sore throat such that i couldn’t speak but i kept on talking on and on ( i know i was being an idiot this time).. He ordered a soup for me ( mushroom lemon coriander soup, which was bland  but i had to take it for my throat…) .. He also ordered chicken and fed me that with his hands.. ( and i loved that )… Then i took medicine and he asked me to take rest and sleep.. i had no option but to sleep… But i couldn’t sleep coz of my blocked nose. I asked Nick to sleep with me as he was also very tired and feeling sleepy  (the best part is that we both have cold at the time and there is no risk of infecting each other…) He came to me and we slowly slid under the blanket… He fell asleep quickly but i still couldn’t sleep coz of my blocked nose.. so i preferred to do something better, watching my sweet Nick sleeping… Nick was sleeping like a child and i couldn’t stop looking at him… 🙂

Then after an hour or so, i had to leave for home…

I had to take the day off today from my college to rest and now i m here writing on OUR blog sitting at home… ( I m sorry Nick for being an ASS this time and not listening to you…. ) And coz of this we can’t even meet today..

But tomorrow we will b together again….

Love u ( miss u too)


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