Complications and obstacles in love….!!!

I don’t know whether to consider myself lucky that God gave me such a loving and caring boy friend or cry over my destiny that even after getting Nick, we can’t be together.

I am not talking about being together forever ( v both know this can never happen but somehow its very tough for both of of to cope up with the fact that we can never be together for the rest of our life  😦 ) , but not being able to spend some time together even in daily routine.. And all that is because of our friends…

Yesterday when i went to Nick’s room, i was so happy that we could have loads of time together and we could talk endlessly.. But just when i was wondering in my world of dreams, Nick said our common friend is coming to get some help on emotional issues he was facing.. I thought he would leave soon.. but just when Nick finished helping him, and i was happy that v could be together, another common friend came… I was so irritated at that time because i couldn’t get time to talk to my sexy Nick… After nearly 15minutes, our common friend  said he was going to eat something and after he returns he will go home with me… He went and then i just bolted the door from inside and hugged Nick.. I started talking to him but withing 10-15 minutes he was back again and we had to leave… I was very disappointed when i had leave Nick alone n hostel n i had to go home…

But during this very little time, we talked of our “doubtful and bleak” future and how we cannot be together in life as lovers….

Even today when we went to our coaching classes, i reached there early to get a seat with Nick.. but my common friend was already sitting at d place where i wanted to sit… So i had to adjust by sitting away from my sexy Nick… I also tried sitting with him again later by doing showing some smart tactics.. but no1 paid even slightest attention to what i did and he forced me to stand up and go somewhere else…

Anyways i pray to the God every-time that please help me and Nick in making this relation work… We both love each other but can’t go on forever because of various family and social issues…

I think Nick must have slept by now (he has topped replying to my messages).. And now i m also feeling very tired…

Gudnite Nick..

Love u..

Ur Rhys

3 thoughts on “Complications and obstacles in love….!!!

    • the whole story hasn’t been put up yet…being Med school students, we hardly get any free time.. we’ll try to post the whole thing soon….. hang around till then 🙂
      And thank you for reading our blog!

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