How It All Began……

One and a half years back I got the news that some students of my class were organizing salsa classes in the college. And since I love to dance, i enrolled myself for the classes.

Organizing these classes was none other than Rhys.  This is where I remember first talking to Rhys ( though he assures me we had talked before then ….. and it pisses him off that I don’t remember !!) Though he was in my class in college, we had never spoken before. In fact I hadn’t even noticed him before then (Rhys would point out here that I’m an arrogant ass as he already knew about me and had even confessed that he was a fan of my artwork! Apparently I didn’t even acknowledge him then….. 😛 ). For two hours after college, around twelve to sixteen of us would sweat it out on the dance floor trying very hard to not look like a bundle of odd angles and jerky movements. I loved the opportunity to dance and would look forward to these classes but unfortunately the classes did not go on for long. To keep on dancing, my dance partner and I decided to take formal classes in salsa from a dance studio and she thought it would be nice to have some company there so we asked Rhys if he and his partner would like to join the classes with us, but they refused.  It was our common interest in dance that made us friends.

Working for a cultural festival in our college, I was assigned to the tea and snacks station along with Rhys.  Over the course of next three days we worked side by side, catering to the gastronomic needs of the celebrities performing. While he became pretty adept at making tea and pouring juice and stuff, the plating and garnishing was left to me.We became pretty good friends during this time (though of course I had no idea what was to come).

One day, after the festival had ended, I got a strange sms from Rhys saying, ” I am sorry” . Very perplexed, I asked him why he was apologizing to which he replied that he had thought i was gay but now he realized that I am not and he was sorry for making the assumption. I was pretty taken aback at this because though I myself was pretty confused about my preferances at that time (the reason would take up another post about my past )  but i replied that there was nothing to be sorry about and that i was not offended or anything.  So we chatted for a while and I had the strange thought of getting into bed with him ( will clarify in the above mentioned post about my past! ) However staying true to my nature of over-analysing the most insignificant things, I thought that Rhys was straight and also a bit homophobic based on his need to apologise for thinking I was gay as if it were something bad to think about someone…..

That day marked the beginning of a deep friendship marked by a lot of chats over the phone and even more chats over messages……..



P.S.- 1. Subsequently we shall keep posting the rest of the story from becoming friends to becoming lovers! 😉

2. Sorry about being all over the place with the sequence of our story ( starting from the middle and going backwards and forwards at random) we shall number the stories in order after we have posted them all…… till then bear with us and our childish ways of posting!!!

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