Sleepy Eyes!

A Wednesday like any other. The same boring lecture to begin the day, the same dreary visits to local communities and the biting cold, not a very promising start to the day. Plus these days, Rhys always gets free a couple of hours earlier than me and he usually takes that time to rest in my room and continue his artwork. And then it becomes even more difficult to concentrate on my afternoon class knowing I could be with Rhys instead. So, I dragged my reluctant self to class leaving Rhys alone in my room………      

But then the benevolent God of all wistful thinking smiled upon me and class got over in less than half the time which meant I get to spend an extra hour with my love!!!! YAY!!! Bouncy feet skip towards my room….. and I knock with all the eagerness I was feeling……

After what seemed like an eternity, Rhys opened the door. He had been sleeping and as he stood there blinking in the afternoon sun, his sleepy eyes unfocused I fell in love with him all over again!:-)


He turned and went back to bed and I joined him, cuddled under the blankets and slept the deep sleep of an innocent baby, content in his arms and comforted by his presence ……..



6 thoughts on “Sleepy Eyes!

  1. thanks for your comments and following our blog….
    @Nick u also make me fall in love again and again with you every time i read your entries on the blog…
    Rhys ❤

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