Fool in love…. Even bigger a Fool in life…!!!

This was the only thing on my mind nearly 2 days back after i met Nick that day.. I went to Nick’s room for my usual art lessons in the evening but he had to leave for some work for around 2 hours… So i was all by myself that day during my art “lessons” …. Anyways while we had very little time that day, we were having a casual talk and i just asked him “what type of clothes would suit me..?” I have a family function coming up and being the kind of guy i am who usually prefers taking opinion from friends about various things, i asked Nick also the same thing (obviously my boyfriend’s opinion was mandatory in this case… 😛 ) To which Mr. Arrogant Asshole Nick replied ” whatever u wear, u won’t look any better..” And then he went for his work and left me pissed off at this..

My irritation just went off rapidly (as usual) but i couldn’t help myself from thinking about Nick’s comments all the time i was doing my artwork… I was irritated because Nick always does the same thing “irritates me with his sarcasm and i (being a fool) misinterpret it as if he is trying to show me how useless i am..” By the way i must confess my baseless thoughts that i did feel he was trying to mock me and make me feel i am useless… After 2hours when he returned from his work, he again had to leave for a friend’s party ( Ohhh busy guy Nick…!!!) and i had to leave for home…. So we went on our ways without discussing anything about our previous conversation… Even after reaching home i couldn’t  stop myself from thinking about Nick’s comments…

So i messaged Nick ” why do always do this…??? irritate me…” And to this Nick replied “That’s my way of showing my love…!!!” My reaction to this was an instant Smile on my face.. 🙂

Nick again managed to make a fool out of me ( though he does that every time and even i also fall for it many times…) I really am a fool in this relation called Love…!!!

As for me being a bigger fool in life is completely undeniable by any living being… I am not smart or intelligent like Nick ( Mind it he is really is very smart and knows how to do stuff, and i mean every stuff… 😛 )… I am even a dumb person, in contrast to Nick… he deserves a better person than me… Sometimes i think that its Nature’s way of telling me that i don’t deserve such a loving and caring boy friend, a great friend and a sweet teacher… Or may be i am over analyzing the very trivial events of life and stuffing my tiny litle mind with these “useless” thoughts… 😀

May be I really am  Fool in Life as well…!!!!

Sorry for being a fool, my Nick…




2 thoughts on “Fool in love…. Even bigger a Fool in life…!!!

  1. Guilty as charged :-P…… I do love to tease U Rhys, but never wanted to hurt U ( Hell! u know that already!!! )
    And yeah U are a fool……..For thinking that you are useless!!!

    ” i am over analyzing the very trivial events of life and stuffing my tiny litle mind with these “useless” thoughts… ” lol ! plz remember these words, love!!!

  2. Nick & Rhys,

    I love your blogs! In fact, they are really journal or diary entries. I feel like I am peeking into a friend’s private thoughts. I love how your relationship works. I wish I had the same in my lonely life. I truly need a boyfriend. But being in the closet as I am in a homophobic evangelical Christian family makes it impossible to be wholly my true self. I

    I look forward to each post. You have a talent for writing. My writing tends to be more political and social in nature. I also write about Christian theological issues and the problems with them. Anyway, keep it up you two. I may be falling in love with you both. LOL!

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