Sunday Moments……

Another weekend dedicated to endless hours of coaching classes. Endless cups of coffee consumed in futile attempts to stay awake and keep my attention focused on the teaching but i kept falling asleep. Ultimately accepting defeat, I succumbed to my heart and kept stealing glances at Rhys…..  Don’t know about the teaching but atleast I was no longer falling asleep….:-P

Rhys and I could not sit together at the coaching classes as his friends had expressed displeasure over the fact that he spends very less time with them these days. So, he took a seat in front of me with his friends while I had to constantly remind myself not to engage him in any long discussions which might make his friends feel left out, basically keep my hands (metaphorically) off him…… ( a very difficult task, i can assure you……:-P )

However, after 7 hrs of classes we both had had enough. So w began to shuffle our friends around and change the seating, all in the name of good natured leg pulling while trying to somehow trying to end up together. But that was not to be as a friend sat down between us. Thus, after all that effort we still ended up apart. 😦

And then, during the next break a friend suggested bunking the rest of the class to catch a movie and I knew here was our Chance. So Rhys and I rushed out of class and went to “see” the movie. We got horrible seats but who cares….. I was besides Rhys for the first time in two days.  Others would say the movie was good but my attention was focused on Rhys attempts at holding my hand without the others noticing! 🙂

During intermission I got up to get us something to eat and since Rhys has a major sweet tooth, I got us some caramel popcorn and a large coke. But the caramel was horrible and burnt and bitter. I was a bit disappointed but as the movie started again and Rhys held my hand ( hidden from others of course ) all other thoughts went out of my mind and I was just deeply content to be there in that moment of time. Ahh…..Bliss…….I guess I had gone really quiet for Rhys kept wondering what was wrong. lol

As they say, All’s well that ends well….. and this Sunday ended wonderfully!!



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