The Things We do For LoVe…..

It’s a strange feeling, love is….. You can’t be happy without it, and  when you do love someone, your happiness no longer matters.It’s Rhys happiness that brings a smile on my face now…..  And I can go to any lengths to see that smile…..

Today would be a perfect example of that. Finally free of the crazy schedule I’ve had to follow for the past two months, i had all the time to laze about doing nothing, my favorite pastime.  But when I woke up this morning, I was strangely in the mood to do something good for Rhys. Now that I am free I want to take Rhys out sometime, but thanks to the past couple of months, i look like a long haired baboon! And my room looks like a dump!

So,  morning began with me cleaning up my room, a feat unheard of before today….. by lunch my room looked looked fit for human habitation, but I was so much worse for wear. So I dragged my lazy tired ass to the washroom to clean up before collapsing on the bed and sleeping like a dead man… When I woke up I had no idea what day or time it was and my first thought was that I had overslept and was getting late for my 8;00 am lecture…. .( hahaha)

Anyways, once I  got my senses back and figured out how to read a clock again, it was to the salon for a much needed haircut.  Giving my very specific instructions to the stylist ( yeah, I’m a pain in the ass at these times ) I sat done to get it over with and hopefully look a bit more human…..

During the haircut, one comment from the stylist about the black-heads on my nose and I was ready for my scrub and blackhead removal ( gullible, right?! ). Well, I did want to look perfect for Rhys , and if I got a soothing face massage in the process ( from a cute guy i might add,  😛  sorry Rhys…..all for you love, i promise ) then I wasn’t gonna turn it down, was I ?

So out came numerous towels, bowls of scrubs and face packs, and the biggest humidifier I’ve ever seen outside a spa. My face lathered in soothing oils and creams, massaged by gentle hands I was completely relaxed. And then those Gods of pampering turned on the humidifier and wrapped my head in warm, moist towels….. AHHH BLISS!! 30 mins of pure calm with my skin soaking up all the good stuff ( i hope). I was relaxed and ready to bless my stylist for his excellent suggestion.

And that is when the Devil started my black head removal…. to say it was painful would be an understament. It was a full 10 mins (felt like hours) of pure agony, with my nose feeling like it was being squished my giants and my eyes streaming tears …… ( i have an  extremely low threshold for physical pain) I began begging him to stop. I COULD LIVE WITH MY BLACKHEADS DAMMIT….. THEY DIDN’T HURT! But he went on promising that i would love results. I even threatened to cut his tips but the Devil called my bluff and went on….. till it was done, and I admit my nose does look cuter now, though I still told him I don’t think it’s worth THE PAIN……And despite the fact that my nose still hurts and feels like someone scraped it with sand paper, I know Rhys will find it cute( i ‘ll kill him if he doesn’t notice)  and he will smile and just the thought of  that makes me wanna go through the pain regularly now…. just to look good for my Rhys!!!

So you see, there’s no end to the stupid things that we’d do for our Love!




An Awesome Valentine’s Week and Esp. The V-Day…!!!

I know i m late writing my experiences of Valentines week so late today but both me n Nick were busy during this time…. Anyways today i got a chance to share my experiences…..

The valentines week was full of spontaneity – 2 spontaneous dates, my spontaneous night stay with Nick and many spontaneous “Experiences” which i can’t openly write here… Our week started as usual with nothing special except that it was our first Valentine week as “boyfriends”… I was so ecstatic because of  the feeling of being in a relation with the best guy i know… The first 2 days of the week were just as usual and uneventful….

But on 9 February, i had planned to take Nick out on a date, our First date as a couple (and sleepover at Nick’s place later)…. I left my home for college very happy that morning…. Everything seemed so beautiful all of sudden, the cool breeze of winter was so comforting as if there was some slow romantic song being played in the background ( i know its  very cliche but that’s LOVE…..) …  At around noon i got a message from Nick apologizing and saying that a common friend of ours has asked me Nick and me to accompany him in the evening for some work and dinner later on…. I got disappointed all of a sudden…. i just replied “ok its fine….” but it wasn’t…. I anyway went to Nick’s room for my usual art work and during all that time i was so sad and so was Nick…. Nick got upset more than i was…. But we had no option and so we went in the evening with our common friend and had dinner with him… And it was not that bad as Nick and i, we both got a bit normal and my reason for normalizing was me getting my favorite dessert after dinner… Ah heaven….!!!!!!

We went back to Nick’s room and our friend left for his home… I was too tired and so i just lied on bed to have some rest and fell asleep… And Nick continued with the art work…. After an hour or so, he woke me up in his usual style, by a gentle kiss on my lips… 🙂 🙂

Somewhere deep inside we both were still a bit sad as our date got cancelled…. So i woke up and asked Nick if he wanted to have coffee.. I had wanted to have coffee at 3am in the  morning with someone special in a coffee shop of  a 5* hotel… I got a chance to fulfill my dream this time and so without thinking much we decided to go.. We got dressed and left… That drive on empty roads with our love under that starry night was just AWESOME… We reached our destination and Nick ordered Fish Fingers with chips and Espresso single shot for both of us ( i had never had espresso shots before that and i decided to try it…) .. While waiting for our order to come, we both were lost in each other’s eyes, unaware of the ambiance… Our order arrived and i started with my espresso shot… just after my first sip, i was like “yuck…..” And seeing the expressions on my face Nick couldn’t stop laughing… I added nearly 2 full packets of sugar but it was till the same… i anyway finished my coffee along with fish fingers, with Nick sitting in front of me…

After this we returned to Nick’s room and i wanted to watch a  movie… So Nick played Latter Days on his laptop,… but i was so tired that i couldn’t finish movie and left it half  way ans slept in Nick’s arms…

After this the next few days were busy for both of us because of hectic schedules of college lectures and coaching classes… Then came 14th Feb… We had not planned anything for that day simply because we are still in the closet and we couldn’t afford to go on a date on 14 feb and raise suspicion about us… So i was doing my art work as usual till late in the evening on 14feb when suddenly Nick asked me if i wanted to go on a date…. That was a question to which i would never had said no to…. I agreed and he said he had made up some convincing story that made others believe we are not going out on a date, but just a casual outing… We also picked up our common friend G ( the only person in college who knows the truth about both of us) with us… We went to an Italian restaurant and an amazing pastry shop ( i couldn’t resist my carving for sweet… my sweet tooth…) After dinner, the three of us went for a walk…. I had no plans of staying over with Nick that night but since i got late and Nick asked me to stay ( and i also wanted to spend the night with him) i decided to stay that night with Nick… After returning, i saw the remaining part of Latter Days while Nick fell asleep during that time on my shoulder ( oh i love that when he does this, falling asleep over me..) … After finishing my movie, i wished Nick good night and we both curled into each other and slept… What i felt at that time cannot be expressed in words….

Nick thank you for making this Valentine week so special for me… 🙂



A Month has Gone by……

Friday, 3rd Feb

Anniversary time…… 

We had been together for a whole month, and though I hate to admit it now and will probably deny it later, I was totally feeling like a giddy 12 yr old girl that day :-P……. I woke up to Rhys chat msgs on my phone ( always a good way to wake up) and just smiled like a silly old fool tiull my cheeks were hurting, lol and i couldn’t stop even then…… God knows how I got through classes that day, with all my thoughts on Rhys all day long ( Thank God the professors didn’t ask me any questions!! ) Class got over and I rushed to my room knowing Rhys would be there soon but as luck would have it, he was held back by his friend, G( she was not feeling so well) ….. So I waited and waited and waited for what seemed like hours ( was fifteen minutes actually! ) When Rhys finally came….  continuing my giddy schoolgirl mood, i melted in his arms ( sigh – good times!! ) and while he held me close  I could feel his heart beat against me and I was sooooo happy!

But we were already lagging behind on our art sessions so we had to get out of bed 😦 ……. I was supposed to teach Rhys how to paint the thick folds of curtains for the backdrop so while I took my place on the easel, he sat down on the bed to observe. As I was painting, I kept up a running commentary of whatever i was doing so that Rhys could keep up ….. but he seemed awfully quiet and when I turned around to ask him if he understood, he was fast asleep….. I just watched his beautiful face for a while, sleeping peacefully and then quietly went back to painting…… As I finished the work for the day, Rhys began to stir and wake up and I know he loves to be woken up with hugs and kisses and well, how could i resist his sleepy eyes…….. So it was back in bed for me!!! 😀

We had no plans to go out that day, but Rhys had some shopping to do….. so here was a ready xcuse for us to have a date and as any sane person would do, we grabbed at the opportunity! Going to the shopping district, we went to innumerable stores trying to find the perfect cuff-links for Rhys untill finally we decided on the ones we had seen first at Swarovski.

So with shopping done, we were about to head out to dinner but G called and asked us if we could dine with her friends who lived nearby as she wanted some company for dinner. Both of us were a bit disappointed but I know that G had been feeling a bit left out with Rhys ever since we came out to her, so I insisted that both she and her friends join us for dinner. Rhys was pretty upset with me ( sorry Love) for spoiling our anniversary date! It took a lot of talking and finally putting my arms around his waist in full public view to finally get him to smile again!

So while we didn’t have our date, I still got to spend a lot more time with my love than I had expectedYay!!

Looking back at the month, it has been an imperfect life, but a happy one at that, a time of my first romance, my first passionate kiss, my first longings for my love and ….ahem ….. well, modesty forbids me to elaborate so lets just leave it as a month of many firsts!!! 😉

It’s a month I would cherish always and one that will continue to bring a smile to my face every time i think of it……….



A walk to remember…..

Monday started with the usual morning classes and later clinics for the rest of the day…. But i was waiting for the clock to strike 4 which means my college is over for the day and i have the rest of the day spare to spend with Nick… 🙂

I had brought dessert Kheer from home on that day especially for Nick….. I gave it to him when i went to meet him in the evening but he was so tired.. so he slept and i went on with my painting… Meanwhile one of our common friends came to Nick’s room searching for food.. He found the dessert i got for Nick and started eating that… During that time Nick woke up suddenly and he also attacked that dessert ( Nick also has a sweet tooth like me… 😛 “) and the dessert was history in just few minutes…. 

Later that evening after i finished with my art work, just when i was about to leave, i casually asked Nick to accompany me to the metro station… And he agreed to that which was a surprise for me… 😀 ( but i was ecstatic too..).  He locked his room and we went on our way to the station… Nick decided to walk to the station rather than using any means of transport ( as that would have reduced our time together.. 😛 ).. We started walking…

While walking we chatted a lot… We  talked about many things, various general topics, and many baseless discussions… We talked of movies, of Nick’s and my sense of fashion… And lots more… Whenever we got lost into each other, the loud horns of cars passing by made us realize that we were slightly drifting more towards the road from the footpath… But who cares… Nick and I were together… Walking down together on a path which seemed to be the most path in the whole world  ( Despite the road being full of  cars, trucks, and occasional rickshaw as well… 😛 )

We reached our destination without realizing how fast time and our path had passed…. I hope i get many more walks like this with you Nick, my love…