A walk to remember…..

Monday started with the usual morning classes and later clinics for the rest of the day…. But i was waiting for the clock to strike 4 which means my college is over for the day and i have the rest of the day spare to spend with Nick… 🙂

I had brought dessert Kheer from home on that day especially for Nick….. I gave it to him when i went to meet him in the evening but he was so tired.. so he slept and i went on with my painting… Meanwhile one of our common friends came to Nick’s room searching for food.. He found the dessert i got for Nick and started eating that… During that time Nick woke up suddenly and he also attacked that dessert ( Nick also has a sweet tooth like me… 😛 “) and the dessert was history in just few minutes…. 

Later that evening after i finished with my art work, just when i was about to leave, i casually asked Nick to accompany me to the metro station… And he agreed to that which was a surprise for me… 😀 ( but i was ecstatic too..).  He locked his room and we went on our way to the station… Nick decided to walk to the station rather than using any means of transport ( as that would have reduced our time together.. 😛 ).. We started walking…

While walking we chatted a lot… We  talked about many things, various general topics, and many baseless discussions… We talked of movies, of Nick’s and my sense of fashion… And lots more… Whenever we got lost into each other, the loud horns of cars passing by made us realize that we were slightly drifting more towards the road from the footpath… But who cares… Nick and I were together… Walking down together on a path which seemed to be the most path in the whole world  ( Despite the road being full of  cars, trucks, and occasional rickshaw as well… 😛 )

We reached our destination without realizing how fast time and our path had passed…. I hope i get many more walks like this with you Nick, my love…



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