A Month has Gone by……

Friday, 3rd Feb

Anniversary time…… 

We had been together for a whole month, and though I hate to admit it now and will probably deny it later, I was totally feeling like a giddy 12 yr old girl that day :-P……. I woke up to Rhys chat msgs on my phone ( always a good way to wake up) and just smiled like a silly old fool tiull my cheeks were hurting, lol and i couldn’t stop even then…… God knows how I got through classes that day, with all my thoughts on Rhys all day long ( Thank God the professors didn’t ask me any questions!! ) Class got over and I rushed to my room knowing Rhys would be there soon but as luck would have it, he was held back by his friend, G( she was not feeling so well) ….. So I waited and waited and waited for what seemed like hours ( was fifteen minutes actually! ) When Rhys finally came….  continuing my giddy schoolgirl mood, i melted in his arms ( sigh – good times!! ) and while he held me close  I could feel his heart beat against me and I was sooooo happy!

But we were already lagging behind on our art sessions so we had to get out of bed 😦 ……. I was supposed to teach Rhys how to paint the thick folds of curtains for the backdrop so while I took my place on the easel, he sat down on the bed to observe. As I was painting, I kept up a running commentary of whatever i was doing so that Rhys could keep up ….. but he seemed awfully quiet and when I turned around to ask him if he understood, he was fast asleep….. I just watched his beautiful face for a while, sleeping peacefully and then quietly went back to painting…… As I finished the work for the day, Rhys began to stir and wake up and I know he loves to be woken up with hugs and kisses and well, how could i resist his sleepy eyes…….. So it was back in bed for me!!! 😀

We had no plans to go out that day, but Rhys had some shopping to do….. so here was a ready xcuse for us to have a date and as any sane person would do, we grabbed at the opportunity! Going to the shopping district, we went to innumerable stores trying to find the perfect cuff-links for Rhys untill finally we decided on the ones we had seen first at Swarovski.

So with shopping done, we were about to head out to dinner but G called and asked us if we could dine with her friends who lived nearby as she wanted some company for dinner. Both of us were a bit disappointed but I know that G had been feeling a bit left out with Rhys ever since we came out to her, so I insisted that both she and her friends join us for dinner. Rhys was pretty upset with me ( sorry Love) for spoiling our anniversary date! It took a lot of talking and finally putting my arms around his waist in full public view to finally get him to smile again!

So while we didn’t have our date, I still got to spend a lot more time with my love than I had expectedYay!!

Looking back at the month, it has been an imperfect life, but a happy one at that, a time of my first romance, my first passionate kiss, my first longings for my love and ….ahem ….. well, modesty forbids me to elaborate so lets just leave it as a month of many firsts!!! 😉

It’s a month I would cherish always and one that will continue to bring a smile to my face every time i think of it……….



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