An Awesome Valentine’s Week and Esp. The V-Day…!!!

I know i m late writing my experiences of Valentines week so late today but both me n Nick were busy during this time…. Anyways today i got a chance to share my experiences…..

The valentines week was full of spontaneity – 2 spontaneous dates, my spontaneous night stay with Nick and many spontaneous “Experiences” which i can’t openly write here… Our week started as usual with nothing special except that it was our first Valentine week as “boyfriends”… I was so ecstatic because of  the feeling of being in a relation with the best guy i know… The first 2 days of the week were just as usual and uneventful….

But on 9 February, i had planned to take Nick out on a date, our First date as a couple (and sleepover at Nick’s place later)…. I left my home for college very happy that morning…. Everything seemed so beautiful all of sudden, the cool breeze of winter was so comforting as if there was some slow romantic song being played in the background ( i know its  very cliche but that’s LOVE…..) …  At around noon i got a message from Nick apologizing and saying that a common friend of ours has asked me Nick and me to accompany him in the evening for some work and dinner later on…. I got disappointed all of a sudden…. i just replied “ok its fine….” but it wasn’t…. I anyway went to Nick’s room for my usual art work and during all that time i was so sad and so was Nick…. Nick got upset more than i was…. But we had no option and so we went in the evening with our common friend and had dinner with him… And it was not that bad as Nick and i, we both got a bit normal and my reason for normalizing was me getting my favorite dessert after dinner… Ah heaven….!!!!!!

We went back to Nick’s room and our friend left for his home… I was too tired and so i just lied on bed to have some rest and fell asleep… And Nick continued with the art work…. After an hour or so, he woke me up in his usual style, by a gentle kiss on my lips… 🙂 🙂

Somewhere deep inside we both were still a bit sad as our date got cancelled…. So i woke up and asked Nick if he wanted to have coffee.. I had wanted to have coffee at 3am in the  morning with someone special in a coffee shop of  a 5* hotel… I got a chance to fulfill my dream this time and so without thinking much we decided to go.. We got dressed and left… That drive on empty roads with our love under that starry night was just AWESOME… We reached our destination and Nick ordered Fish Fingers with chips and Espresso single shot for both of us ( i had never had espresso shots before that and i decided to try it…) .. While waiting for our order to come, we both were lost in each other’s eyes, unaware of the ambiance… Our order arrived and i started with my espresso shot… just after my first sip, i was like “yuck…..” And seeing the expressions on my face Nick couldn’t stop laughing… I added nearly 2 full packets of sugar but it was till the same… i anyway finished my coffee along with fish fingers, with Nick sitting in front of me…

After this we returned to Nick’s room and i wanted to watch a  movie… So Nick played Latter Days on his laptop,… but i was so tired that i couldn’t finish movie and left it half  way ans slept in Nick’s arms…

After this the next few days were busy for both of us because of hectic schedules of college lectures and coaching classes… Then came 14th Feb… We had not planned anything for that day simply because we are still in the closet and we couldn’t afford to go on a date on 14 feb and raise suspicion about us… So i was doing my art work as usual till late in the evening on 14feb when suddenly Nick asked me if i wanted to go on a date…. That was a question to which i would never had said no to…. I agreed and he said he had made up some convincing story that made others believe we are not going out on a date, but just a casual outing… We also picked up our common friend G ( the only person in college who knows the truth about both of us) with us… We went to an Italian restaurant and an amazing pastry shop ( i couldn’t resist my carving for sweet… my sweet tooth…) After dinner, the three of us went for a walk…. I had no plans of staying over with Nick that night but since i got late and Nick asked me to stay ( and i also wanted to spend the night with him) i decided to stay that night with Nick… After returning, i saw the remaining part of Latter Days while Nick fell asleep during that time on my shoulder ( oh i love that when he does this, falling asleep over me..) … After finishing my movie, i wished Nick good night and we both curled into each other and slept… What i felt at that time cannot be expressed in words….

Nick thank you for making this Valentine week so special for me… 🙂



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