The Things We do For LoVe…..

It’s a strange feeling, love is….. You can’t be happy without it, and  when you do love someone, your happiness no longer matters.It’s Rhys happiness that brings a smile on my face now…..  And I can go to any lengths to see that smile…..

Today would be a perfect example of that. Finally free of the crazy schedule I’ve had to follow for the past two months, i had all the time to laze about doing nothing, my favorite pastime.  But when I woke up this morning, I was strangely in the mood to do something good for Rhys. Now that I am free I want to take Rhys out sometime, but thanks to the past couple of months, i look like a long haired baboon! And my room looks like a dump!

So,  morning began with me cleaning up my room, a feat unheard of before today….. by lunch my room looked looked fit for human habitation, but I was so much worse for wear. So I dragged my lazy tired ass to the washroom to clean up before collapsing on the bed and sleeping like a dead man… When I woke up I had no idea what day or time it was and my first thought was that I had overslept and was getting late for my 8;00 am lecture…. .( hahaha)

Anyways, once I  got my senses back and figured out how to read a clock again, it was to the salon for a much needed haircut.  Giving my very specific instructions to the stylist ( yeah, I’m a pain in the ass at these times ) I sat done to get it over with and hopefully look a bit more human…..

During the haircut, one comment from the stylist about the black-heads on my nose and I was ready for my scrub and blackhead removal ( gullible, right?! ). Well, I did want to look perfect for Rhys , and if I got a soothing face massage in the process ( from a cute guy i might add,  😛  sorry Rhys…..all for you love, i promise ) then I wasn’t gonna turn it down, was I ?

So out came numerous towels, bowls of scrubs and face packs, and the biggest humidifier I’ve ever seen outside a spa. My face lathered in soothing oils and creams, massaged by gentle hands I was completely relaxed. And then those Gods of pampering turned on the humidifier and wrapped my head in warm, moist towels….. AHHH BLISS!! 30 mins of pure calm with my skin soaking up all the good stuff ( i hope). I was relaxed and ready to bless my stylist for his excellent suggestion.

And that is when the Devil started my black head removal…. to say it was painful would be an understament. It was a full 10 mins (felt like hours) of pure agony, with my nose feeling like it was being squished my giants and my eyes streaming tears …… ( i have an  extremely low threshold for physical pain) I began begging him to stop. I COULD LIVE WITH MY BLACKHEADS DAMMIT….. THEY DIDN’T HURT! But he went on promising that i would love results. I even threatened to cut his tips but the Devil called my bluff and went on….. till it was done, and I admit my nose does look cuter now, though I still told him I don’t think it’s worth THE PAIN……And despite the fact that my nose still hurts and feels like someone scraped it with sand paper, I know Rhys will find it cute( i ‘ll kill him if he doesn’t notice)  and he will smile and just the thought of  that makes me wanna go through the pain regularly now…. just to look good for my Rhys!!!

So you see, there’s no end to the stupid things that we’d do for our Love!



One thought on “The Things We do For LoVe…..

  1. hahahahahahaha…. so sweet of u Nick….
    And by the way, even i got threading done around my eyes 2-3 days back, and mind it even that was too painful….
    So strange this feeling of love is….!!!!
    Love u..

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