Not Allowed to Work Out……

Thanks to a very busy study schedule and an EXTREMELY LAZY idiot ( i.e. yours truly), the waist of my favorite jeans seems to have shrunk, so a couple of weeks back after a violent 20 minute struggle as I finally managed to button down my jeans I saw the first glimpse of You- Know- What…… The stuff that nightmares are made of …… A MUFFIN TOP!!! YIKES!!!

I was now hearing the warning bells loud and clear…. i need to start some physical activity……

Easier said than done, on morning that I finally manage to get up to hear the alarm, I can only see the snooze button and thus it’s sleep time again…….

And so it went on until last week…. I went shopping for tees ( summer is here and that means the spring summer collection is in at UCB! yay! ) but OMG ny tummy is beginning to show through my tees- that was it……. next day I started  an intensive jog-push ups-crunches-stretches routine!

and within the week I was back in shape! Tummy almost flat again and to my surprise I was rewarded by a little extra- the slightest definition of upper abs, my motivation to stick to the regime!

And that is when I was prohibited from working out . No, not by my doctor, not even by a physiotherapist- but by Rhys……..

Wondering why? well so was I ……… what had possessed my sweet and supportive boyfriend to take on such a rigid stand  against me getting fitter that he even threatened to leave me if I dared develope my abs any furthur……??

So now I am left wondering how to convince Rhys to allow me to continue… how do I get him to join me in my routine…..

Any suggestions ???



KONY 2012

Too often we look in the mirror and smile and think that it reflects the truth, that everything is as you see in the mirror, that the world is just as our backyard.


The world is not as calm, as safe and as just to everyone as it is to you and me. And that should scare us- not just at inhumanity faced by hose affected but because what happens elsewhere today may be happening in your backyard tomorrow…..

Not Just Another Night….

Lots going on these days…..

1. Rhys got a new place so we’ve been busy setting it up ( Well, actually he’s the one doing it, I am just sitting on my lazy ass and enjoying his new couch! )

2. I decided to redo my place,( mainly coz it gives me the excuse to go shopping along with Rhys ) but it’s a hell of a lot more work than I thought! 😦

and oh yeah….

3. We had our 2nd month ” anniversary” !!!

And this time around I was determined to make up  to Rhys for screwing up our anniversary the last time.

So I planned the night a week in advance……. decided on a romantic dinner for two and then to take Rhys dancing at a Gay night somewhere ( they were a weekly event at a club we knew of and Rhys had been wanting to go for a very long time….. )

Surprise surprise!! The Gay night was cancelled this week!! I was very disappointed and couldn’t pull myself together to plan again…..

The day was spent casually, with Rhys shopping for his room ( and mine too…… he did all the shopping for me , even for the quirkiest most whimsical things I wanted!! ) while I prepared the walls of my room for a giant Mural that we planned to paint together…….

As the evening drew to a close, we couldn’t wait for our friend ( who had spent the day with us ) to leave but he announced that he had to head out to dinner and would return to say goodbye……( sigh)  The obstacles in Love, I tell you………  so we had to wait till late night when he finally left to head out for our dinner……. Not yet decided on a restaurant, I asked Rhys to choose the place….. and he selected a wonderful restaurant. The only problem- we didn’t know the way! So it was G to the rescue. She gave us directions to the place and we ended up nowhere, I used Goggle Maps on my phone and ended up at the back alley behind the restaurant ( was I meant to take advantage of the opportunity fate had provided ? 😉 well, we were both starving and food was necessary so we let it pass and headed out!! ) And then finally Rhys figured out the right way and we got to the restaurant at 11 in the night!

Thankfully the kitchen was still open and we could get a seat…… .But OMG what a view. The restaurant was on the highest floor of the building and had circumferential windows that overlooked the city center….. And the food was amazing!

Good food, great music and the city lights spread like a starry carpet beneath our feet…… Now that’s the start of a perfect night!! 🙂