Not Just Another Night….

Lots going on these days…..

1. Rhys got a new place so we’ve been busy setting it up ( Well, actually he’s the one doing it, I am just sitting on my lazy ass and enjoying his new couch! )

2. I decided to redo my place,( mainly coz it gives me the excuse to go shopping along with Rhys ) but it’s a hell of a lot more work than I thought! ūüė¶

and oh yeah….

3. We had our 2nd month ” anniversary” !!!

And this time around I was determined to make up  to Rhys for screwing up our anniversary the last time.

So I planned the night a week in advance……. decided on a romantic dinner for two and then to take Rhys dancing at a Gay night somewhere ( they were a weekly event at a club we knew of and Rhys had been wanting to go for a very long time….. )

Surprise surprise!! The Gay night was cancelled this week!! I was very disappointed and couldn’t pull myself together to plan again…..

The day was spent casually, with Rhys shopping for his room ( and mine too…… he did all the shopping for me , even for the quirkiest most whimsical things I wanted!! ) while I prepared the walls of my room for a giant Mural that we planned to paint together…….

As the evening drew to a close, we couldn’t wait for our friend ( who had spent the day with us ) to leave but he announced that he had to head out to dinner and would return to say goodbye……( sigh) ¬†The obstacles in Love, I tell you……… ¬†so we had to wait till late night when he finally left to head out for our dinner……. Not yet decided on a¬†restaurant, I asked Rhys to choose the place….. and he¬†selected¬†a wonderful restaurant. The only problem- we didn’t know the way! So it was G¬†to the rescue. She gave us¬†directions¬†to the¬†place¬†and we ended up nowhere, I used Goggle Maps on my phone and ended up at the back alley behind the restaurant ( was I meant to take advantage of the¬†opportunity¬†fate had provided ? ūüėČ well, we were both starving and food was necessary so we let it pass and headed out!! ) And then finally Rhys figured out the right way and we got to the¬†restaurant at 11 in the night!

Thankfully the kitchen was still open and we could get a seat…… .But OMG what a view. The¬†restaurant¬†was on the highest floor of the building and had¬†circumferential¬†windows that overlooked the city¬†center….. And the food was amazing!

Good food, great music and the city lights spread like a starry carpet beneath our feet…… Now that’s the start of a perfect night!! ūüôā



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