Not Allowed to Work Out……

Thanks to a very busy study schedule and an EXTREMELY LAZY idiot ( i.e. yours truly), the waist of my favorite jeans seems to have shrunk, so a couple of weeks back after a violent 20 minute struggle as I finally managed to button down my jeans I saw the first glimpse of You- Know- What…… The stuff that nightmares are made of …… A MUFFIN TOP!!! YIKES!!!

I was now hearing the warning bells loud and clear…. i need to start some physical activity……

Easier said than done, on morning that I finally manage to get up to hear the alarm, I can only see the snooze button and thus it’s sleep time again…….

And so it went on until last week…. I went shopping for tees ( summer is here and that means the spring summer collection is in at UCB! yay! ) but OMG ny tummy is beginning to show through my tees- that was it……. next day I started  an intensive jog-push ups-crunches-stretches routine!

and within the week I was back in shape! Tummy almost flat again and to my surprise I was rewarded by a little extra- the slightest definition of upper abs, my motivation to stick to the regime!

And that is when I was prohibited from working out . No, not by my doctor, not even by a physiotherapist- but by Rhys……..

Wondering why? well so was I ……… what had possessed my sweet and supportive boyfriend to take on such a rigid stand  against me getting fitter that he even threatened to leave me if I dared develope my abs any furthur……??

So now I am left wondering how to convince Rhys to allow me to continue… how do I get him to join me in my routine…..

Any suggestions ???



2 thoughts on “Not Allowed to Work Out……

  1. Well, obviously, you are right and he is wrong!! Thing is, we need to find out about HIS tummy now. Is it fear that you will make him do the same? Does he not understand the pleasure in two guys working out together? Not as competitiors, but giving encouragement. C’mon Rhys, I want to hear YOUR side of this. And I prescribe a minimum 4 hours in the gym per week each, spread over four days.

  2. @ tonycavanagh – I very well understand the importance of work out and good body and health.. But when Nick told me about his work out regime and the initial results he got that was a slight impression of his abs, i got a bit INSECURE that Nick would get even more sexier and hotter now… I don’t want others to check out my Boyfriend… lolz… 😛
    Anyways i finally decided with Nick that i will work out with him whenever possible.. we might even join swimming very soon as we both want to learn how to swim.. So i hope my explanation was fair enough to stop my Boyfriend from working out earlier but now even i have decided to work out with him..

    @Nick – i wasn’t threatening you my dear… i was just joking… I can never even think of leaving you…. Love you forever… 🙂


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