To Home and Back…..

Three days away from Rhys and Oh man! does it feel good to be back……

Last week I took a long overdue vacation and went home after almost 5 months. And what a vacation. Being home, sleeping in till all hours of the morning, waited on hand and foot, brought plates of the most scrumptious food and endless glasses of sherbet to wash it down ( Yeah …I know I am a lazy ass, and a very spoilt one at that ) … No wonder I forgot all about the ‘hardships’ ( ahem) of hostel life!  The best part was that I didn’t have to move a muscle, except to text Rhys. Heaven ain’t it! Well, not quite…… Rhys wasn’t there! And all my waking hours were spent missing him ( sleep of course was full of dreams of Rhys living with me in my new condo(s) ……. )   

And now i know why people crib over roaming charges….. 3 days and I had to refill my account thrice…… even had Dad wondering who was I texting all day …lol.

Well, now I am back, the sun is shining and Rhys is with me! YAY! And as I always say – You know you love someone when you’re willing to forgo your creature comforts and put up with the ‘harsh’ (ahem ahem) living conditions of hostel just to be with them!

Rhys take note …. 😉

This trip made me realise three things –

1) I am lazy and I love it!

2) Being pampered – that is my kind of thing.

3) 3 condos are still not enough, you still want more.

4) Being away from Rhys is still hell!



I Miss You, Rhys!

It’s almost 5 in the morning. And I haven’t slept all night. All plans to study have been set aside, the night having been spent watching shelter and thinking of Rhys. Must have played the song Lie to Me 10- 15 times already and I still can’t get enough. All this while Rhys is at his home, probably sound asleep in his bed while I sit here in my hostel room missing him-  sulking like a twelve year old over his absence.

It’s not even been a full day since I last held you in my arms. Then how come I miss you so much? Why am I spending a sleepless night thinking about you when yesterday I slept so well in your arms? I miss you Rhys……. Even though I know your sleeping soundly now and will message me when you wake up …. even though I shall talk to you in a few hours…… even though I shall see you again tomorrow….. I still miss you, so much that it hurts- a deep visceral pain that I just can’t describe.

Everything around me reminds me of you, my bed where I held you for the first time, the mirrors that you got for me, the easel you got me for my birthday, the chair where you sat all through last year during our study sessions. They all remind me of you, and of the fact that you’re not here.

Why can’t I be with you now and for ever after? Why does this have to be so difficult? Why can’t we share our lives with each other?

I Miss You!

All’s well that Ends Well ( contd )….

As Monday rolled on and evening turned to night, Rhys and I decided to head to the Mall to shop some more. Rhys needed something nice to wear on his birthday in the upcoming week. But we were both tired out after the horrible days we had so we decided on a little nap before heading out. Of course  being the sweetheart that he is, Rhys understood that I needed his arms more than the pillow to sleep soundly and so he pulled me into bed with him and with a sweet kiss I balled up in his arms, and slept like a child…..

After a couple of hours we got up, all refreshed after the nap and ready to shop some more. But then we started chatting for a bit till suddenly I realised that we were running late and soon the shops would close down. It was a hurried dash to the car and a lot of fretful consultations of google maps before we finally reached our destination. Half running, we hurried into the shops still open rapidly browsing through their stocks trying to find a nice shirt for Rhys. Finally we found it, a white shirt with broad strips in pastel shades of yellows and pinks – perfect for a summer evening. And on Rhys it looked drop dead gorgeous! It took all my self control not to kiss him then and there. 😉

Shopping done, it was time to satisfy our hungry tummies. We headed to our favorite Italian restaurant and luckily managed to get the last table before the kitchen closed down. Nursing what was definitely the best Virgin Mojito I had ever put my lips to, Rhys pursued the menu and ordered penne arrabbiata  while I decided on crumb coated chicken breasts with a mozzarella sauce and a sider of rocket salad with tomato salsa. Great food, Rhys for company and a night in his arms to look forward to, this is the stuff dreams are made of ( sigh) 🙂

And just when I thought the night was perfect, it got even better. We headed to the movies to watch Titanic in 3D. I had pre-booked the seats ages ago to ensure that we got good seats and so it was. Both of us are suckers for good romantic flicks but it seemed Rhys had other things on his mind. Either that or his hands must have made up their mind to explore neighboring lands ( a.k.a. yours truly ) such that I could only thank God that the theatre was dark enough that no one would notice his hands on my lap….. until I was so turned on that all thought left my mind as I gave myself over to the wonderful feeling eminating from his gentle caresses. By inteval, I had lost track of the going ons in the movie and I dragged Rhys back to the car to head home ( after all a man can hold himself back only so long before the desire to have his cute sexy boyfriend then and there takes over! 😉 )

The night that followed was…… hmm…… well, I guess I’ll leave that to your imagination!  After all some stories you tell….and some you don’t! 😛



All’s Well that Ends Well….

A hot summer day with dusty winds and a car with the A/C broken down makes for a spectacular headache, as I found out on Monday.  Having finally managed to tranfer my car from home to the city, I had to complete the formalities and get appropriate papers which took the better part of the morning and by the time i got back all i wanted was to break something, but settled for some sleep in a blissfully silent room ( everyone else having gone to college)

     Meanwhile Rhys had a horrible morning too…. Apparently he had a very boring lecture and so he tried messaging me to pass the time but by then i was lost in my dreams! So he had to sit through six hours of soul dulling monotone while I snoozed ( Sorry bout that Love ) And when classes where finally over we dragged him off to the market for some shopping! Poor soul, he looked as tired as a mummy!! And on the way back to college he fell asleep on my shoulder….. Oh he looked so cute! I couldn’t help gently patting his head ( warrenting stares from the cab driver…… but who cares! I had Rhys ! )

And that is when I realized that my day was changing from bad to great!!!



Please Forgive Me…….

I am extremely Sorry Nick for today… For my idiotic and irritating behavior… And being an Ass…

I can’t think of losing you.. Can’t see you so upset all because of me…

I was just trying to pull your leg and i know you never mind my jokes.. But today it was a serious matter and being an idiot that i am, i didn’t realize the gravity of the situation…..

Please sexy forgive me… I wont do it again….  I couldn’t see the absence of smile from your cute face…