All’s Well that Ends Well….

A hot summer day with dusty winds and a car with the A/C broken down makes for a spectacular headache, as I found out on Monday.  Having finally managed to tranfer my car from home to the city, I had to complete the formalities and get appropriate papers which took the better part of the morning and by the time i got back all i wanted was to break something, but settled for some sleep in a blissfully silent room ( everyone else having gone to college)

     Meanwhile Rhys had a horrible morning too…. Apparently he had a very boring lecture and so he tried messaging me to pass the time but by then i was lost in my dreams! So he had to sit through six hours of soul dulling monotone while I snoozed ( Sorry bout that Love ) And when classes where finally over we dragged him off to the market for some shopping! Poor soul, he looked as tired as a mummy!! And on the way back to college he fell asleep on my shoulder….. Oh he looked so cute! I couldn’t help gently patting his head ( warrenting stares from the cab driver…… but who cares! I had Rhys ! )

And that is when I realized that my day was changing from bad to great!!!



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