To Home and Back…..

Three days away from Rhys and Oh man! does it feel good to be back……

Last week I took a long overdue vacation and went home after almost 5 months. And what a vacation. Being home, sleeping in till all hours of the morning, waited on hand and foot, brought plates of the most scrumptious food and endless glasses of sherbet to wash it down ( Yeah …I know I am a lazy ass, and a very spoilt one at that ) … No wonder I forgot all about the ‘hardships’ ( ahem) of hostel life!  The best part was that I didn’t have to move a muscle, except to text Rhys. Heaven ain’t it! Well, not quite…… Rhys wasn’t there! And all my waking hours were spent missing him ( sleep of course was full of dreams of Rhys living with me in my new condo(s) ……. )   

And now i know why people crib over roaming charges….. 3 days and I had to refill my account thrice…… even had Dad wondering who was I texting all day …lol.

Well, now I am back, the sun is shining and Rhys is with me! YAY! And as I always say – You know you love someone when you’re willing to forgo your creature comforts and put up with the ‘harsh’ (ahem ahem) living conditions of hostel just to be with them!

Rhys take note …. 😉

This trip made me realise three things –

1) I am lazy and I love it!

2) Being pampered – that is my kind of thing.

3) 3 condos are still not enough, you still want more.

4) Being away from Rhys is still hell!




  1. Hello
    I really don’t know how may I call you,but it would be nice if you let me call you my friends.
    I am not sure if I am allowed to write this long and this far,but please don’t get me wrong,and forgive me if anything annoyed you through my comment.
    The truth is I came here completely by accident,I continued to read,and I found out that I have to write to you.
    I should say,I am so proud of you,and your patience and one day you will be proud of yourselves.I figured out you are getting nervouse because you can’t say your love so loud,you want to share what you get from this love to every soul and you can’t. But please believe me, when the right time comes it will happen,just don’t rush to are young,and you are smart,you can find ways,and choose the best way,to come out of your shell.remember when you started to explore what you really wanted,I guess it was hard for both of you at first,but you came to believe it not in a moment, but step by step,so there are more steps to wrote that you shared your secret to one of your friends,so you did it,you just need to take more,at the right times.don’t be nervouse,because if you have your faith for your love,and your God,then you should be happy!God only wants bests for you!who knew that one day a man will marry another man in publics?who knows what the future brings?who knows at just this moment what is happening in your parents mind?
    I suggest to take your time as an opportunity to search yourselves more and more,to be true to yourselves, to challenge yourselves, to find pure parts of yourselves and bring it out.and don’t forget that you shouldn’t be in common in everything,and this shouldn’t make anxious more than normal.your soul got united,but the differences are what make you interested to each other.
    Well,I wanted to comment, something about your sexual relation but,I think I have not the permission, and I have write too much by now.So I stop here.
    I wish you all bests,and happiness,and cleverness! And healthiness.
    By the way,I am a physician,and I am a girl,if it matters to you,

    1. Thank you for the comment….. really appreciate it….. It’s good to know someone would take out so much of their time to read through our blog and leave such a wonderful comment………

      And as for a comment on our sexual relation, please feel free to say anything you want….. We would be happy to hear your opinions……

      Good to know that you are a physician, and no it doesn’t matter to us if you are a girl or boy!

      hope to hear from you again ….and soon! 🙂

  2. Hello again
    I hope you both are enjoying your life,and feel happier as moments past.
    Before continuing, I want to assure you that the only thing I want is to help,if you need it.I don’t want to make medical lecture here,or to see me as a doctor,because you are educated,and you surely can find your answers yourselves. I don’t want to see me as a physician,but it will be kind of you if you have me as a sister.
    Well,about your sexual relation,let me start by this: please don’t watch porn videos anymore.
    Not that I am saying they are useless, but I think at your state,there is no videos are used for people who are afraid of sex,at the begining of their relation,or don’t know what to do,how to start,how to control.Even for those reasons there is no need to continue whenever the problem is solved.But in your situation,it will make everything complicated.I mean you won’t take antibiotics when you feel healthy!you know how to do it,you know eachothers bodies,even better than a woman and a man.This part of relation should happen spontaneously, like what happened,in your lovely night!it happened,even when you thought you were tired of keeping your eyes open!so that is it!and when you had done sexual activity before,so,there will be no need of such provoking in future.It will make doubts if you are able to do what they show,it makes anxious, make feel inadequate for your partner,obcession,and at last,addiction.
    I guess I wrote more than I am allowed,but I hope you think about it.
    By the way,about exposing your real identity,there is a term called ” coming out”,as a gay.there are steps that you can read about it at in simple words.
    You can search about the term more,by yourselves and find your answers,in many websites.
    And there are two major websites about helping homosexuals having better world.Go and visit them,it will make you feel better to know how people around the world are coming to understand what you need.
    I am so sorry to talk this much!
    Wish you bests,happiness,healthiness

  3. Once again thanks for the comment and the concern….. Appreciate it….. As far as porn is concerned, well we just enjoy an occasional good film. Definitely don’t use it as a guide to our sex life. Having read the kamasutra a long time back, I anyways doubt porn could teach me anything new at all. And Rhys and I have tried out a LOT of things and by now we both really know how to go about taking each other to orgasmic heaven. 😉
    But I can see your point, so just to reassure you , don’t worry we don’t see porn as an extension of our lives just as another genre of movies that we enjoy, There is no transference ( excuse the medical jargon ) at work here.

    And as for coming out, we already have come out to a few of our close friends but I dont think we are ready to come out to the whole wide world just yet. It’s a difficult choice in my society and I am not sure if I am strong enough to face it yet. This blog was also an attempt to see if I had the courage to come write about my life and in the process get comfortable with who I am. And I must say, it’s still a work in progress…….

  4. Hello again
    And thanks for your reply.
    So you are as smart as I thought.Smarter than I thought indeed!
    You are right,coming out takes time,as I said before,there is no need to rush,and I see you know it.Maybe there was a kind of misunderstanding, because I thought you got nervouse about it,and this made me worried, but I am happy to know you have already found your way.
    Hope you bests,happiness,healthiness

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