Weekend Get-Away with Boyfriend….

A few days back i went for a small holiday for 2days to a near by place for some adventure sports, with Nick (with a couple of our common friends). It was a spontaneous plan made withing a few hours and bookings done on the spot. I was so happy that i finally got a chance to on a holiday with Nick, though a short one but who cares when I was with my Love… 🙂

We went to a small town around 5hours drive away from our city where there were camps arranged river side. The main adventure sport there was White water rafting. We left for our destination at around 4-5am in the morning and reached there at around 11am. After changing clothes, we straight away went for rafting. While we were being dressed up and all geared up for the activity, i was a bit nervous as it was my first time. But when i looked at Nick, all the fear was gone and i got confident about it. We were given a bit of training before the actual sport, after which we were all ready for the Adventure… 😀

Rafting was so fun that i can’t explain in words.. Those harsh splashes of water over your face whenever a rapid comes in the course of rafting was an all together a different experience. In between this, we also got down on our river side camp to have lunch which was also good. Along with rafting, we did body surfacing and also jumping from a cliff into the water.. Over the activities were a lot fun. This was followed by something which i can never forget.

I found a quiet and beautiful river side where there the shiny silver colored sand few small waves over the shore made that worth a visit. While i sat there, i was looking at the beautiful mountains, got lost in the sound of the running water, and enjoying the calm and serene environment there.. What made all this an extra-ordinary experience was being with Nick, sitting next to him over the silvery sand at the river side. Suddenly Nick just got up and went somewhere i couldn’t tell. He then came back after a few minutes with something in his hand.

He got a “drift wood” for me and gave it to me saying ” Drift wood is lucky. The more twits and turns it has, more luckier it is for you.” I was so overwhelmed with that. Following this was a walk on the river side with Nick, the two of us talking in between at times but otherwise walking in silence for the rest of time, and believe me it was soo romantic. 🙂

Later, after the bar-be-Que and dinner, all of us were chatting (other friends who had gone with us), following which we went into our camps to sleep as we too tired because of all the activities that day. Luckily Nick and i somehow managed to sneak in the same camp. While fighting against mosquitoes in the camp, we were cuddling with each other. But we were too scared as well since it was our first time in a forest camp like that. so we both hugged each other tightly, though we didn’t need any reason for hugging each other but anyway we were close to each other. We spent almost whole of the night like this in each others arms. Just before the morning, at around 4am, Nick woke me up and asked me to get ONTO him. And so Nick’s dream of having sex at beach got fulfilled, though partially as 1. it wasn’t an actual beach, and 2. We were in our tent house and not On the beach per se.

Anyway that night was a memorable one, which was followed by a beautiful morning with a breath-taking view from our tent when we woke up. The following day we went for Paint Ball near our camp only. It also our first time in paint ball then and i realized that i am no good at aiming., lolzz… Later, we left for home and reached at night the same day…

So this was like a weekend get-away cum mini Vacation with my lovely boyfriend…. Love You Nick….

Movie Review – Memories in March

To lose a child is a tragic incident for a mother. To realize that she never knew his true self can be worse.  Sanjoy Nag’s movie – Memories in March captures the essence of this loss.

Aarti (Deepti Naval) a middle aged divorcee is devastated to hear that her son Siddharth died in a car accident. She flies to Kolkatta to collect his ashes and belongings but in the process discovers a secret her son could never tell her. That he is gay and in a relationship with his boss. The film captures beautifully the anguish of a conservative Indian women trying to come to terms with her son’s homosexuality and the suprising bond she forms with her son’s lover Ornob ( Rituporno Ghosh) over the loss of their beloved Siddharth.

Overall an outstanding film to come out of India, especially when mainstream Bollywood is yet to come out ( pun not intended) of stereotype gay male as a comic touch in movies ( though I agree that this is the opening doors of discussion atleast ) . However from an outstanding man such as Rituporno Ghosh one does expect a more restrained potrayal that may have been a more realistic depiction. That of course is completely my personal opinion – as a Gay Bengali Boy in a loving relation! That said , the movie is still one of the best in recent times and a documentation of the changing undercurrents of Indian Middle Class as it learns to accept and love us.

Puppy Puppy Puppy….. :* :*

Iits been almost a month since my last entry on the blog or may be even more than that.. Anyways, i finally got some free time today after my hectic schedule of past 2months and the first thing that came to my mind was to tell the world how were my last two months (including my birthday) with Nick..

Probably Nick would be asleep right now as he had been down with fever and cold from past 2-3days with aggravation of his sinusitis.. Lovely Nick, I hope you are in deep sleep lost in the world of your dreams..

Now, the highlights of past 2months includes our usual dates, movies and dinners/ lunches together, most of which happened during my birthday week. I had requested Nick to help me find a venue for my birthday party and also to help to get some clothes to wear on my birthday.. And my sweet boyfriend  helped me in every possible way he could.. We went out to many cafe’s and pubs for deciding a place for my party and also went to various showrooms in malls for my shopping.

One day during our shopping and exploring session, we decided to have dinner at an Italian restaurant where i ordered a Virgin Mojito and Nick had his usual Virgin Mary. And my God, I never had such an awesome Virgin Mojito anywhere, it was simply great. Since then i had been craving to go to that same place again..

Then came my birthday time. Nick had planned to give me a surprise at my home at midnight with my other friends.. And that was so so sweet of him, I love you Nick.. Moreover, initially Nick and I had planned to spend the whole day together on my birthday but due to some classes being scheduled for us in our college, our plan got cancelled and i got a bit sad. Nick couldn’t bear that sad face of mine (not on my b’day at least) and so he took me to his room first and wished me in his own way ( I don’t think i need to mention HIS way of wishing me, hahahaha 😛 🙂 ).

This followed an evening with Nick on a terrace cafe where he ordered a Vanilla Ice cream with chunks of strawberry for me as my b’day cake. That was just the perfect dessert for the evening, delicious enough to satisfy my taste buds..

In the weeks following my b’day, i got a bit busy with my studies and my busy time wasn’t reducing in any way, instead i was getting even busier as i had my exam coming up 2weeks after my b’day. Even in between all this, we managed to spend some time, and all the NIGHTS together we could possibly spend. Recently, i don’t know why but i developed a habit of blabbering whenever i was too sleepy, in front of Nick, in a very unusual tone.. My tone was like that of a 5year kid and the clarity in my speaking also resembled a 5yr old child. Particularly there is an incident related to this. While Nick and i were walking towards my room another night after a long tiring day, i was too sleepy to be in my senses and started blabbering on our way about everything and everyone which we came across on our way to room. There were many puppies and dogs which we saw on our way. On seeing them, i said (in my 5year old child tone) ,” Ohh puppy… Thichh puppy ichh chhhoo cute and chweet… puppy puppy,,,,come puppy come ” and that puppy even responded to me, and came running to me, and strangely my reaction to this was- me running and trying to take cover of Nick as if that puppy might just attack me and tear the flesh off me.. lol.. And Nick loves pulling my leg over this all the time.

These were a few highlights of my past couple of months… Hope to have more romantic and fun filled moments in future with Nick (and PUPPIES too… :P)



Meeting the Ex……

No not mine…. I’m not even in touch with my ex(s)……. Tomorrow I am supposed to be meeting up with Rhys ex…Should I be whooping with joy? Should I be jealous? Condescending ? I really don’t know what I’m supposed to be feeling. Hell, I don’t even know what I AM feeling!


Rhys has been having exams these past couple of days as a result of which we haven’t had much time together. And he has been STRESSED !! I don’t blame him, the exams are tough. So finally today after the first part of the exam was over I saw him smiling his cute smile for the first time in days. It was great to see his eyes light up once more, I swear I completely melt in his arms whenever he flashes that brilliant smile. Now, naturally I assumed it was because his exams were almost over. But surprise ! surprise ! He texted me to tell me that his ex was gonna be in town tomorrow and they would be meeting up. You could knock me down with a feather, I was that shocked.  


A little bit of history is required i guess. The ex in question ( let’s call him B for this post ) was Rhys’s first relationship, and most probably his first love. They broke up after almost a year long relationship and remained friends ever after. I know Rhys adores this friendship and respects B almost like an elder brother, in fact I still feel he never got completely over B. I know B is a very important part of Rhys’s life, but sometimes I feel just a little twinge of envy when I see how Rhys absolutely lights up on receiving a call from B or sulks for days if they have a disagreement.

I swear – That’s how Rhys sulks!!!!


This B will be arriving tomorrow. And I am very happy for Rhys for he will be meeting B after a very long time indeed. And when Rhys asked me to come along, I couldn’t refuse. After all I had been wanting to meet B ever since I had seen the effect he has on Rhys but the oppertunity never presented itself. And now when I was going to meet him , I can’t help but feel slightly anxious- won’t it be awkward to be meeting my boyfriend’s ex? AND, won’t it be awkward for B to meet Rhys current boyfriend? Or worse still, will this spoil the day for Rhys ( sure as hell don’t want that)?


And that brings me to another problem. I almost feel like I need to get B’s approval at this meet. Is that right?? AND how do I get his approval? Should I go for a sexy, suave formal look ? Or maybe a casual cute- boy – next-door would be more appropriate ( and likely to get me the approval ?)



Begging for some advice here people!!!