Meeting the Ex……

No not mine…. I’m not even in touch with my ex(s)……. Tomorrow I am supposed to be meeting up with Rhys ex…Should I be whooping with joy? Should I be jealous? Condescending ? I really don’t know what I’m supposed to be feeling. Hell, I don’t even know what I AM feeling!


Rhys has been having exams these past couple of days as a result of which we haven’t had much time together. And he has been STRESSED !! I don’t blame him, the exams are tough. So finally today after the first part of the exam was over I saw him smiling his cute smile for the first time in days. It was great to see his eyes light up once more, I swear I completely melt in his arms whenever he flashes that brilliant smile. Now, naturally I assumed it was because his exams were almost over. But surprise ! surprise ! He texted me to tell me that his ex was gonna be in town tomorrow and they would be meeting up. You could knock me down with a feather, I was that shocked.  


A little bit of history is required i guess. The ex in question ( let’s call him B for this post ) was Rhys’s first relationship, and most probably his first love. They broke up after almost a year long relationship and remained friends ever after. I know Rhys adores this friendship and respects B almost like an elder brother, in fact I still feel he never got completely over B. I know B is a very important part of Rhys’s life, but sometimes I feel just a little twinge of envy when I see how Rhys absolutely lights up on receiving a call from B or sulks for days if they have a disagreement.

I swear – That’s how Rhys sulks!!!!


This B will be arriving tomorrow. And I am very happy for Rhys for he will be meeting B after a very long time indeed. And when Rhys asked me to come along, I couldn’t refuse. After all I had been wanting to meet B ever since I had seen the effect he has on Rhys but the oppertunity never presented itself. And now when I was going to meet him , I can’t help but feel slightly anxious- won’t it be awkward to be meeting my boyfriend’s ex? AND, won’t it be awkward for B to meet Rhys current boyfriend? Or worse still, will this spoil the day for Rhys ( sure as hell don’t want that)?


And that brings me to another problem. I almost feel like I need to get B’s approval at this meet. Is that right?? AND how do I get his approval? Should I go for a sexy, suave formal look ? Or maybe a casual cute- boy – next-door would be more appropriate ( and likely to get me the approval ?)



Begging for some advice here people!!!




4 thoughts on “Meeting the Ex……

  1. Go for drop dead gorgeous. Flirt mildly whilst being dismissive- don’t get into deep or serious conversation. Ex’s are complicated, keep them on the sidelines.

    • Thanks…… Will let you know how it goes …….. Though I don’t know if I can pull off ” drop- dead gorgeous ” with this wretched cold I have……. Will be pretty difficult to hide a raw red nose, but I think i might just have the perfect clothes for that!!! Gotta go get ready now!!! 🙂

  2. my dear Nick, i don’t know how to make u realize the fact that i am over my “past” and moved on and now i m with u, and i must say u are a wonderful guy… 🙂
    Still if u don’t believe me, then i have just one thing to say to you “It’s only Words, and words are all i have to take your heart away… ”

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