Puppy Puppy Puppy….. :* :*

Iits been almost a month since my last entry on the blog or may be even more than that.. Anyways, i finally got some free time today after my hectic schedule of past 2months and the first thing that came to my mind was to tell the world how were my last two months (including my birthday) with Nick..

Probably Nick would be asleep right now as he had been down with fever and cold from past 2-3days with aggravation of his sinusitis.. Lovely Nick, I hope you are in deep sleep lost in the world of your dreams..

Now, the highlights of past 2months includes our usual dates, movies and dinners/ lunches together, most of which happened during my birthday week. I had requested Nick to help me find a venue for my birthday party and also to help to get some clothes to wear on my birthday.. And my sweet boyfriend  helped me in every possible way he could.. We went out to many cafe’s and pubs for deciding a place for my party and also went to various showrooms in malls for my shopping.

One day during our shopping and exploring session, we decided to have dinner at an Italian restaurant where i ordered a Virgin Mojito and Nick had his usual Virgin Mary. And my God, I never had such an awesome Virgin Mojito anywhere, it was simply great. Since then i had been craving to go to that same place again..

Then came my birthday time. Nick had planned to give me a surprise at my home at midnight with my other friends.. And that was so so sweet of him, I love you Nick.. Moreover, initially Nick and I had planned to spend the whole day together on my birthday but due to some classes being scheduled for us in our college, our plan got cancelled and i got a bit sad. Nick couldn’t bear that sad face of mine (not on my b’day at least) and so he took me to his room first and wished me in his own way ( I don’t think i need to mention HIS way of wishing me, hahahaha 😛 🙂 ).

This followed an evening with Nick on a terrace cafe where he ordered a Vanilla Ice cream with chunks of strawberry for me as my b’day cake. That was just the perfect dessert for the evening, delicious enough to satisfy my taste buds..

In the weeks following my b’day, i got a bit busy with my studies and my busy time wasn’t reducing in any way, instead i was getting even busier as i had my exam coming up 2weeks after my b’day. Even in between all this, we managed to spend some time, and all the NIGHTS together we could possibly spend. Recently, i don’t know why but i developed a habit of blabbering whenever i was too sleepy, in front of Nick, in a very unusual tone.. My tone was like that of a 5year kid and the clarity in my speaking also resembled a 5yr old child. Particularly there is an incident related to this. While Nick and i were walking towards my room another night after a long tiring day, i was too sleepy to be in my senses and started blabbering on our way about everything and everyone which we came across on our way to room. There were many puppies and dogs which we saw on our way. On seeing them, i said (in my 5year old child tone) ,” Ohh puppy… Thichh puppy ichh chhhoo cute and chweet… puppy puppy,,,,come puppy come ” and that puppy even responded to me, and came running to me, and strangely my reaction to this was- me running and trying to take cover of Nick as if that puppy might just attack me and tear the flesh off me.. lol.. And Nick loves pulling my leg over this all the time.

These were a few highlights of my past couple of months… Hope to have more romantic and fun filled moments in future with Nick (and PUPPIES too… :P)



3 thoughts on “Puppy Puppy Puppy….. :* :*

  1. Here goes my “puppy loving” boyfriend who is too scared to actually touch one!!! However on earth are u ever going to live with me, for I shall surely like to keep a few dogs as pets – definitely a Great Dane, a Golden Retriever, and maybe a couple of Alsatians!!!! Better get over your fear real fast love!!!!

  2. lol… if u would keep a dog as a pet, don’t u think my love for you would get divided among ur “pet dog” as well if i started lovinh him as well… 😛 😛

  3. Oh my sweet, naive Rhys ( yup! I’m being condescending again…… don’t you just hate me for it!!! 😛 ) love shared is love multiplied…. and anyways I’m sure i would still be able to capture your full attention anytime I want – with a half-smile, a twinkling eye and a whiff of my perfume 😉 !!!!

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