Weekend Get-Away with Boyfriend….

A few days back i went for a small holiday for 2days to a near by place for some adventure sports, with Nick (with a couple of our common friends). It was a spontaneous plan made withing a few hours and bookings done on the spot. I was so happy that i finally got a chance to on a holiday with Nick, though a short one but who cares when I was with my Love… 🙂

We went to a small town around 5hours drive away from our city where there were camps arranged river side. The main adventure sport there was White water rafting. We left for our destination at around 4-5am in the morning and reached there at around 11am. After changing clothes, we straight away went for rafting. While we were being dressed up and all geared up for the activity, i was a bit nervous as it was my first time. But when i looked at Nick, all the fear was gone and i got confident about it. We were given a bit of training before the actual sport, after which we were all ready for the Adventure… 😀

Rafting was so fun that i can’t explain in words.. Those harsh splashes of water over your face whenever a rapid comes in the course of rafting was an all together a different experience. In between this, we also got down on our river side camp to have lunch which was also good. Along with rafting, we did body surfacing and also jumping from a cliff into the water.. Over the activities were a lot fun. This was followed by something which i can never forget.

I found a quiet and beautiful river side where there the shiny silver colored sand few small waves over the shore made that worth a visit. While i sat there, i was looking at the beautiful mountains, got lost in the sound of the running water, and enjoying the calm and serene environment there.. What made all this an extra-ordinary experience was being with Nick, sitting next to him over the silvery sand at the river side. Suddenly Nick just got up and went somewhere i couldn’t tell. He then came back after a few minutes with something in his hand.

He got a “drift wood” for me and gave it to me saying ” Drift wood is lucky. The more twits and turns it has, more luckier it is for you.” I was so overwhelmed with that. Following this was a walk on the river side with Nick, the two of us talking in between at times but otherwise walking in silence for the rest of time, and believe me it was soo romantic. 🙂

Later, after the bar-be-Que and dinner, all of us were chatting (other friends who had gone with us), following which we went into our camps to sleep as we too tired because of all the activities that day. Luckily Nick and i somehow managed to sneak in the same camp. While fighting against mosquitoes in the camp, we were cuddling with each other. But we were too scared as well since it was our first time in a forest camp like that. so we both hugged each other tightly, though we didn’t need any reason for hugging each other but anyway we were close to each other. We spent almost whole of the night like this in each others arms. Just before the morning, at around 4am, Nick woke me up and asked me to get ONTO him. And so Nick’s dream of having sex at beach got fulfilled, though partially as 1. it wasn’t an actual beach, and 2. We were in our tent house and not On the beach per se.

Anyway that night was a memorable one, which was followed by a beautiful morning with a breath-taking view from our tent when we woke up. The following day we went for Paint Ball near our camp only. It also our first time in paint ball then and i realized that i am no good at aiming., lolzz… Later, we left for home and reached at night the same day…

So this was like a weekend get-away cum mini Vacation with my lovely boyfriend…. Love You Nick….


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