Happy Birthday My Love….!!!!!!

My dear NICK (aka DL)…

First of all, a very very Happy birthday my darling…  I wish you all the happiness in life ETC ETC ETC (the usual birthday wishes…!!!).

But since i am writing a blog entry here that means its something special.. Yes it is, with many special things in it. Firstly, its YOUR birthday, so it becomes automatically special.. Secondly, it is YOU, my sweet and sexy boyfriend, who turned 21 today. Last and definitely  not the least, its your FIRST birthday with ME (hey guys..!!! even i am here in the picture.. 😛 )..

I am very lucky to have you as my boyfriend- Protective, Caring, Loving, Cheerful, Notorious ( 😉 ) , Genius, Pure at heart, Generous, Adorable, Cute, Dancer, Painter (not to forget) and what not…. In short, a perfect blend of everything…!!!!

Thank You for always being there for me and everyone else (including the great sex… lolz…).. May God bless you and give you all the happiness of the world.. I really really hope that all your wishes come true and you get everything in  your life… Keep Smiling always jaan (my love)…

Muuuaaaahhhhhh……!!!!!!!! Love you….

Happy birthday….!!!!!!



Rhys (Waffu)

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