I could Dance, Dance, Dance all Night …….

Well its been a long time since we posted here…… and it’ll take quite a few posts to update all that has been going on. A daunting task it shall be, but we have to start. So here goes , the first in ( hopefully) a long list of blogposts on whatever we have (and haven’t) been doing in no particular order……

Today lets talk about a new found discovery of ours-

The Gay Party Scene………

It might surprise some that even after having been gay for so long in such a big city as ours I wasn’t a regular at these events but then I was obsessed with being in the closet…….  But we finally managed to muster up the courage to go to one and am I glad that we did. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me start from the beginning……

The Planning

Saturday Night and we heard of a gay party at a great five star hotel near us. Rhys and I so wanted to go but I was scared of being seen by someone I knew ( remote chance since I don’t even know anyone who’s into the gay scene ) but finally my desire to show off my gorgeous boyfriend browbeat my irrational fear into oblivion and we decided to go. Problem – there was a party on campus too and I was expected to be there, which meant we’d have to disappear without our friends noticing us, pretty god-damn-impossible a task as we are never left alone. Solution – A brilliant spur of the moment excuse about a friend in crisis so that I could disappear and take Rhys along to drive me there. And finally we were off……..Phew!

The Party

We arrived at the place – Cibo and was surprised at the amazing turnout. We paid up the cover charges and stamp – glow band- lollipop later we were in . Thumping music, well dressed crowds and a spectacular open air courtyard but we made our way across to the dance floor. A couple of self-conscious minutes later and i was getting into the groove. It felt so liberating to be able to openly dance with my love. The freedom went straight to my head and I was intoxicated, and hungry for more……


Hmm lets see…

1. Dancing with my arms around my love, looking into his eyes and seeing his love for me even though we were surrounded by the cutest and hottest guys in the city ( No…. I didnt notice them till later when Rhys and I started checking out the crowds for laughs )

2. Getting so comfortable dancing that I did quite a few salsa turns, dips, hammerlocks and a combination of those ending with a dead drop to the floor that made people around us stop and watch and even got us an applause ( Childhood dream fulfilled – check )

3. Rhys getting comfy enough to finally lose his inhibitions with PDA and kiss me passionately while dancing.

And the Rest is ….Well not quite legendary !

Coz since that night we’ve been to two more parties, the last one by the same host and at the same location and was turning out to be just as great till – a pot bellied gent at the bar tried to grope me while I was walking by….. luckily I grabbed his hand and saved my ‘dignity’. Though I wanted to slap him, I managed to get my temper under control. In no mood to dance now, we left the party and I doubt if we’ll return to the party scene here.

Still let me take leave with a sweet taste in the mouth!

Maybe not sweet ….. But certainly got my mouth watering !