Common sense – Isn’t it ?

Common sense - Isn't it ?

I came across this photo while browsing through blogs yesterday and the first thought that came to my mind was – well that’s pretty much common sense, or is it? In an ideal world it should have been so. But it is NOT an ideal world. And in the face of brazen hostilities against homosexuals I would rather people did come up and ask me openly and upon knowing me as gay smile and joke about it so i know it does’t matter to them or ask questions to let me clarify any doubts they have. For not only can they gain a better insight into the world of a gay man but also speaking out about it makes me feel that much more secure in my own identity. So I urge everyone to please go ahead and feel free to ask me anything you wish to know – Let our words break down the walls of silence that have stifled us for so long.