A Day Not according to Plan……

Exam are over…… finally…….. after months of grueling study and being away from Rhys ( he prefers to study at home) we are finally free.  Of course we just couldn’t keep off each other for long.

Sometime later, as I lay in his arms Rhys gets a call from his friend P calling him away. Though Rhys had invited me to have lunch with him and P later in the afternoon, he goes off alone at the moment promising to call me when they set off. And true to his word, he calls me. Though I wasn’t really sure about going, I wasn’t going to let a little uneasiness get in the way of spending time with my love, was I now?  So I get dressed and head out to join Rhys and his friends. A nice little evening seemed in the cards.

Oh Man! Could I have been more wrong?! As I approach them, I distinctly hear P say, “Oh great! Here come He!” with what seemed like a nice dollop of  sarcasm to me. But then Rhys didn’t make any comment so I gave her the benefit of doubt and thought I must have imagined it. Putting that out of my mind, I wave to them and in reply get a ” Just about anyone seems to be adding up to this outing” from another friend of his. And Rhys still doesn’t say a word……. Luckily just then I got a call and manage to step away without retaliating and creating a scene. And I return to my room burning with indignation. Just then Rhys calls me and asks me where I had disappeared, as if nothing had happened. I make up an excuse and convince him to go ahead without me. So there I am left alone in my hostel at the end of my exams.

Later in the evening, Rhys calls me to ask me if I would like to join them for a movie. And since by now I am seriously missing his company, I decide to put aside my pride and say yes. Just then P screams into the phone, “Not Nick! He’s not coming here for sure! “. Well that was that. I just tell Rhys I am definitely not coming now. He is of course free to go ahead with his plans. And he does.

So I am left wondering…..Am I over reacting ? Should I have just meekly submitted to the insult as it came from Rhys’s dearest friend? Or should I have given her a piece of my mind?

But what I just can’t seem to understand is Rhys’s mute behavior over this whole time. Is it possible that he never noticed how I was being insulted by his friends? Or does it not concern him at all?  Why did he not try to defend me or at least make me feel less awkward? (For apart from being my boyfriend, he also happened to be the one to invite me.)

Too many questions for my seething mind right now……. Does anyone have any answers????

Hey I’m Cold…..

Well its 2 AM…. and there is a certain chill in the air. And obviously that has me looking for something nice to wrap around myself. Alas! Rhys has gone home tonight. Well, I guess i’ll just have to hold the thought till he gets back. Or on second thoughts….better note it down in case I forget……..

Hmm…… Not quite what I had in mind……..


Now that is more like it……..


Time to get under the covers………


And sleep like a baby in his arms !!!


Please take note Rhys……. This is what I want ALL winter……






Is it the “Love Gut (or love handles)” or I’m actually getting fat..???? :-O

I recently got onto a weighing machine scale to check if i had gained weight or not , because i was getting a  feeling that i have. When i saw the reading, i was shocked. It had increased 3 kilograms (nearly 6.5 pounds)…!!!! I freaked out and told Nick that we will not have any junk food anymore since i gained so much (actually this wasn’t much according to others and I’m very particular about my weight and health since i was overweight before and had done a lot of hard work to loose weight and have a decent body shape). When my friends got to know about it, they said that its the effect of our love, as people gain weight out of extreme happiness when they are in a relationship. I won’t deny this fact and totally agree that i m very very happy and madly in love with Nick. But considering the recent events, I think its more of the fat getting accumulated in my body than the happiness.

I have been staying at Nick’s place on and off every week since past 1 month… Since Nick lives in our college hostel, eating meals at regular interval (and that too healthy meals) isn’t possible… Home is the perfect place for eating regularly and healthy meals. I decided to stay with Nick for a few days as our exams are approaching and so we decided to study together (and have a little bit of fun as well in between.. lolzz…). So i moved to hostel a month back.

We used to study for few hours and then take a break (you know what do i mean by break.. :P) and used to order food at our place only. After having a sumptuous amount of food, Nick would doze off saying that he can’t concentrate after eating. So we would decide to sleep for half an hour or so, after which we would resume our studies. But nothing goes as planned, especially in our case.


We would wake up after approximately 2 hours and then resume our work. After having studied for another 2-3 hours,  we would start having hunger pains again and this calls for another meal to be delivered to our place. And so now you know, what would happen after satisfying our hunger… We also have food outlets available in our university campus, but the food is do bland that none of us prefer that food.

When Nick saw that i m very much worried over this issue, he made me lie on bed, came close to me and said ” You’re perfect for me.. If  its just a matter of few pounds that you are worried about, you can continue with your exercise after the exams. But for me, you are as always great…!!!!”  I got so emotional when he said those words to me…


Anyways, whatever this is (love gut or fat), I will try to reduce it as soon as i get some free time after my exams.. Since i can’t stop eating sweets ( I got a sweet tooth and that too not a small one 😛 ), I will instead take care of other junkies in my food from now on till i can start working out.

Thank You Nick for loving me so much, you’re such a sweet and loving and caring boyfriend.. I love You….!!!!



Common sense – Isn’t it ?

Common sense - Isn't it ?

I came across this photo while browsing through blogs yesterday and the first thought that came to my mind was – well that’s pretty much common sense, or is it? In an ideal world it should have been so. But it is NOT an ideal world. And in the face of brazen hostilities against homosexuals I would rather people did come up and ask me openly and upon knowing me as gay smile and joke about it so i know it does’t matter to them or ask questions to let me clarify any doubts they have. For not only can they gain a better insight into the world of a gay man but also speaking out about it makes me feel that much more secure in my own identity. So I urge everyone to please go ahead and feel free to ask me anything you wish to know – Let our words break down the walls of silence that have stifled us for so long.

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