Is it the “Love Gut (or love handles)” or I’m actually getting fat..???? :-O

I recently got onto a weighing machine scale to check if i had gained weight or not , because i was getting a  feeling that i have. When i saw the reading, i was shocked. It had increased 3 kilograms (nearly 6.5 pounds)…!!!! I freaked out and told Nick that we will not have any junk food anymore since i gained so much (actually this wasn’t much according to others and I’m very particular about my weight and health since i was overweight before and had done a lot of hard work to loose weight and have a decent body shape). When my friends got to know about it, they said that its the effect of our love, as people gain weight out of extreme happiness when they are in a relationship. I won’t deny this fact and totally agree that i m very very happy and madly in love with Nick. But considering the recent events, I think its more of the fat getting accumulated in my body than the happiness.

I have been staying at Nick’s place on and off every week since past 1 month… Since Nick lives in our college hostel, eating meals at regular interval (and that too healthy meals) isn’t possible… Home is the perfect place for eating regularly and healthy meals. I decided to stay with Nick for a few days as our exams are approaching and so we decided to study together (and have a little bit of fun as well in between.. lolzz…). So i moved to hostel a month back.

We used to study for few hours and then take a break (you know what do i mean by break.. :P) and used to order food at our place only. After having a sumptuous amount of food, Nick would doze off saying that he can’t concentrate after eating. So we would decide to sleep for half an hour or so, after which we would resume our studies. But nothing goes as planned, especially in our case.


We would wake up after approximately 2 hours and then resume our work. After having studied for another 2-3 hours,  we would start having hunger pains again and this calls for another meal to be delivered to our place. And so now you know, what would happen after satisfying our hunger… We also have food outlets available in our university campus, but the food is do bland that none of us prefer that food.

When Nick saw that i m very much worried over this issue, he made me lie on bed, came close to me and said ” You’re perfect for me.. If  its just a matter of few pounds that you are worried about, you can continue with your exercise after the exams. But for me, you are as always great…!!!!”  I got so emotional when he said those words to me…


Anyways, whatever this is (love gut or fat), I will try to reduce it as soon as i get some free time after my exams.. Since i can’t stop eating sweets ( I got a sweet tooth and that too not a small one 😛 ), I will instead take care of other junkies in my food from now on till i can start working out.

Thank You Nick for loving me so much, you’re such a sweet and loving and caring boyfriend.. I love You….!!!!



5 thoughts on “Is it the “Love Gut (or love handles)” or I’m actually getting fat..???? :-O

  1. Love you too ……… even though u got so chubby !! just kidding ….. I love you no matter what mdear…… I promise to try and cut down on junk food while you’re dining with me….. or atleast i’ll try to…… lol

  2. You sound like a cute couple!
    And I think you are!
    So why don’t you try to cook together,like couples?
    I am sure you can manage that.It will bring you more time to spend with each other than you can imagine.
    Cooking your own food is a lovely part of life.
    It will bring both Love and healthiness.
    And I am not saying it because I am a girl.
    Wish you happiness and healthiness and time to cook for each other.

    • Oh Zizi , I so wish we could do that….. Even I love to cook and would gladly cook with Rhys but since i live in a hostel we don’t have that option….. The only cooking I can do must be done using an electric kettle ONLY…… So you see my options get limited to tea and coffee… Though if I get a bigger room in the hostel next year I might manage to fit in a microwave and then we can cook ( Rhys’ll have to do all the work of course, i’ll just come up with awesome recipes …… )
      Thanks for the comment…..
      We do love to hear from you 🙂

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