Hey I’m Cold…..

Well its 2 AM…. and there is a certain chill in the air. And obviously that has me looking for something nice to wrap around myself. Alas! Rhys has gone home tonight. Well, I guess i’ll just have to hold the thought till he gets back. Or on second thoughts….better note it down in case I forget……..

Hmm…… Not quite what I had in mind……..


Now that is more like it……..


Time to get under the covers………


And sleep like a baby in his arms !!!


Please take note Rhys……. This is what I want ALL winter……






3 thoughts on “Hey I’m Cold…..

  1. Lets go on a month long vacation honey… I will take special care of you during these winters….. 🙂
    My love and feelings will be enough to keep you warm through the winters…. :-* 😉

    • Oh it doesn’t get bitterly cold, but temperature do dip enough to feel the nip in the air. Just the kind of chill that makes you want to wrap that special someone around you and have him feed you hot chocolate !

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