A Day Not according to Plan……

Exam are over…… finally…….. after months of grueling study and being away from Rhys ( he prefers to study at home) we are finally free.  Of course we just couldn’t keep off each other for long.

Sometime later, as I lay in his arms Rhys gets a call from his friend P calling him away. Though Rhys had invited me to have lunch with him and P later in the afternoon, he goes off alone at the moment promising to call me when they set off. And true to his word, he calls me. Though I wasn’t really sure about going, I wasn’t going to let a little uneasiness get in the way of spending time with my love, was I now?  So I get dressed and head out to join Rhys and his friends. A nice little evening seemed in the cards.

Oh Man! Could I have been more wrong?! As I approach them, I distinctly hear P say, “Oh great! Here come He!” with what seemed like a nice dollop of  sarcasm to me. But then Rhys didn’t make any comment so I gave her the benefit of doubt and thought I must have imagined it. Putting that out of my mind, I wave to them and in reply get a ” Just about anyone seems to be adding up to this outing” from another friend of his. And Rhys still doesn’t say a word……. Luckily just then I got a call and manage to step away without retaliating and creating a scene. And I return to my room burning with indignation. Just then Rhys calls me and asks me where I had disappeared, as if nothing had happened. I make up an excuse and convince him to go ahead without me. So there I am left alone in my hostel at the end of my exams.

Later in the evening, Rhys calls me to ask me if I would like to join them for a movie. And since by now I am seriously missing his company, I decide to put aside my pride and say yes. Just then P screams into the phone, “Not Nick! He’s not coming here for sure! “. Well that was that. I just tell Rhys I am definitely not coming now. He is of course free to go ahead with his plans. And he does.

So I am left wondering…..Am I over reacting ? Should I have just meekly submitted to the insult as it came from Rhys’s dearest friend? Or should I have given her a piece of my mind?

But what I just can’t seem to understand is Rhys’s mute behavior over this whole time. Is it possible that he never noticed how I was being insulted by his friends? Or does it not concern him at all?  Why did he not try to defend me or at least make me feel less awkward? (For apart from being my boyfriend, he also happened to be the one to invite me.)

Too many questions for my seething mind right now……. Does anyone have any answers????

7 thoughts on “A Day Not according to Plan……

  1. mate… not cool. how can you even say you might be overreacting…no way… Rhys needs to prioritize things… not saying you first… I am saying the kind of people he is hangs out with… those are not good friends if they are going to be termites that are going to eat up your relationship… he should simply tell his friends you are also part of his life and as he wouldnt give up one of them, he wont give up on you… if he is calling you, his friends should understand he wants you there as well… he should be able to see that that friend is probably jelous…and that is never cool

    • Yup ….. That’s what I thought. She’s jealous and well that is not cool. So now I have given up trying to be nice to her. I’ll be cordial as long as she behaves herself but if she treats me like a clingy boyfriend ( which I hope I’m not ), I’ll treat her like the jealous girl wanting my man for herself……… And then we’ll see how she likes it !
      Thanks for your comment 🙂

  2. First of all, I want to say that I really didn’t like it when I saw your “Anger” tag.I think you have definitely built a patient personality.It is the least you have achieved from your life with your love.Is n’t it?And because yours is not as simple as many other couples,you need to have patience.

    I’m sure that you have already had many days that have gone “not according to the plans” but the plans shifted to better and surprising events!Am I wrong?
    This is life!people come,people go but after a dark night,always comes a bright day and your love remains for you alone.

    I don’t know you too well,but only from your posts.But I know girls,because I know myself well!How can you imagine we will lose the opportunity to spend time with such a boyfriend as you have described before?!!!Honestly!We will say anything and do anything to have him!This is our power but also your weakness even you Cute Gay Gentlemen.
    Please don’t get me wrong,I am not that dangerous! ;D
    Wish you Happiness and healthiness.

    • Thanks for your comment Zizi. It’s always lovely to hear from you. And you always give us such level headed advice.

      Well I have managed to get a grip over my temper ever since I have been with Rhys but if I ever feel threatened that someone is trying to separate me from him, well I fly off my rocker again! Guess I need to work on that. I do agree that all of Rhys friends are entitled to ‘ alone’ time with him and I am quite willing to give them that. But when Rhys himself asks me to come along, they should understand that he wants me there and respect his and my feelings rather than try to insult me!

  3. I am really sorry darling that i was silent all the time… In the first few instances, i thought she was just joking… But later in her subsequent comments, i realized that she actually trying to express something negative… I am sorry for my behavior yesterday and fo hurting you indirectly…
    I wont le something like this happen again…
    Love…. 🙂

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