I’m feeling lucky…. ;)

I was just going through a blog and was surprised to see a so many trailers of Indian gay movies (Gosh…!!! I didn’t even know that there are several Indian gay movies, coincidentally some of which are currently being shown at Kolkatta Film festival ).

Anyways, the point is while i was watching these trailers i saw a part of the episode of “Days of our lives” ,  where it shows the story of a gay couple Sunny and Will. It was so cute, watching both of them fight with each other, getting closer then making out, thinking about their future etc.

The cute couple… 🙂

Love and much more… 😛 😉

While watching all this i suddenly realized how Lucky I’m to have such a loving boyfriend like Nick… I know its necessary to say this but I don’t want to waste any opportunity and say this to you-

I love you Nick… Thank you for being there for me always.. I am so lucky to have you as my boyfriend, best friend, my guide, mentor, and most importantly LOVE OF MY LIFE…. I am so thankful to God for giving me YOU… Love you always and forever….

Rhys….. 🙂 “



Exams Over …..Finally !

It was Pride Week here in Delhi. Our first one since we got together. So it was kind of a BIG deal for us. And here we were ….stuck with exams till Friday ! 😦

Friday, 23 Nov- My exams got over but Rhys still has an exam left. So I had to go out partying with my friends at a club that doesn’t even allow stag entry. Ahh well another evening of watching girls trying to steer their clumsy boyfriends into something resembling a dance ( Straight dudes, no offence ….. but take some dance lessons please ) .

Hmm….I miss Rhys already …..lets whatsapp him for a while…..Oops, others seem to be looking for me better get back-  That was the hourly routine……


Oh shit that girl is so drunk…. why the hell does she keep coming towards me…… now she is throwing glances at me…..WAITTTTT ……IS SHE HITTING ON ME??? Oh God, Girl I’m GAY…… Look here …. fitted suit and wine-cloured silk shirt GAY….. Hell, I can salsa- Tango-Waltz  GAY !!!

Okay now that guy is staring at me….. He is kinda cute….. Wait was that a wink??!!! Oh God it is kinda obvious that i’m gay.,,Shit he’s coming over now…. Why did i have to look at him … Okay this is becoming a dangerous place for me…… What time is it ? OHH MYY GODDD its 2 am….. And my friends still want to dance ….Wait a minute, when did i start complaining about parties……. Oh yeah, couple syndrome…. ahh well off to the lounge chair! 😛


That seat is mine!!!!

To be continued…….




Smooth, Creamy and Heavenly Breakfast

What’s the best thing to put in your mouth after a night spent with your gorgeous boyfriend?


Well how bout something smooth as silk

Not quite…… Maybe keep this one for dessert after Dinner! 😉

Lusciously creamy……

Licking your fingers in anticipation?

With the enticing smell of vanilla and cinnamon….

Ahh Yess…. WAIT ……… WHATTTTT????

Now, I have you wondering…. dont I ?

Well the answer is – English Custard

       That’s it ?! Custard?!

Not just any custard, but one you make with your boyfriend. From Scratch. Separating the eggs and breaking one coz someone got frisky. 😉


Him beating in the sugar  while I lust after the pumping muscles.

Warming up the milk and cream and adding just a drop of vanilla extract that has the kitchen smelling heavenly

but I can still make out the musky odours of the night. And adding just a sliver of cinnamon before I do a taste check. Lovely warm creamy goodness replaced quickly with the minty freshness of his toothpaste as Rhys  draws me in for a kiss.

And then we leave the custard to set in the fridge as we head back to bed to burn off the extra calories we shall be consuming very soon.

Breakfast is indeed the best meal of the day, isnt it? 😉