Smooth, Creamy and Heavenly Breakfast

What’s the best thing to put in your mouth after a night spent with your gorgeous boyfriend?


Well how bout something smooth as silk

Not quite…… Maybe keep this one for dessert after Dinner! 😉

Lusciously creamy……

Licking your fingers in anticipation?

With the enticing smell of vanilla and cinnamon….

Ahh Yess…. WAIT ……… WHATTTTT????

Now, I have you wondering…. dont I ?

Well the answer is – English Custard

       That’s it ?! Custard?!

Not just any custard, but one you make with your boyfriend. From Scratch. Separating the eggs and breaking one coz someone got frisky. 😉


Him beating in the sugar  while I lust after the pumping muscles.

Warming up the milk and cream and adding just a drop of vanilla extract that has the kitchen smelling heavenly

but I can still make out the musky odours of the night. And adding just a sliver of cinnamon before I do a taste check. Lovely warm creamy goodness replaced quickly with the minty freshness of his toothpaste as Rhys  draws me in for a kiss.

And then we leave the custard to set in the fridge as we head back to bed to burn off the extra calories we shall be consuming very soon.

Breakfast is indeed the best meal of the day, isnt it? 😉





5 thoughts on “Smooth, Creamy and Heavenly Breakfast

    • Finally?!!!
      Oh My God!
      You know what? I remember the other day, when I suggested you to cook together, and I think It was Nick who replied that you would love to but there will be little chance of it. The moment I read it, My face turned to something like this 😦
      I was talking to God in my mind. I was telling him whatever wrong or right is about your relationship, this is just a tiny and innocent Dream to have a chance to cook with your friend.
      And now you had at least that little chance.I thank God ,and feel really really happy for you both.
      Everything with the spice of Love tastes wonderful,so I hope all of your meals taste wonderful from now.
      Wish you Happiness and Healthiness And Chances!

      • Thanks a lot Zizi …… You have no idea how much it means to us to have had that little moment where we could feel like we were actually living together like any normal couple and all was right in the world……. And more importantly for your wishes, its a great comfort and source of strength to know someone is rooting for you ! 🙂

  1. I am the one who should thank you!
    Your blog is one of the two blogs I check every day after work.(and sometimes before work!)
    The other one nearly changed my plans of life and I am enjoying the changes. But yours… Sometimes I think about what you wrote the whole day, describe the situation for myself, and ask myself : what if I was you? And I write when I think I should. I should thank you for this different challenge in my life, though there is no similarity.
    I know it sounds crazy but this is me. I have learned as a physician that I should care about people, but now I come to believe that all of us should do that. Listening to each other and Thinking about each other will never kill us,but build our life.

    Again wish you bests.

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