I’m feeling lucky…. ;)

I was just going through a blog and was surprised to see a so many trailers of Indian gay movies (Gosh…!!! I didn’t even know that there are several Indian gay movies, coincidentally some of which are currently being shown at Kolkatta Film festival ).

Anyways, the point is while i was watching these trailers i saw a part of the episode of “Days of our lives” ,  where it shows the story of a gay couple Sunny and Will. It was so cute, watching both of them fight with each other, getting closer then making out, thinking about their future etc.

The cute couple… 🙂

Love and much more… 😛 😉

While watching all this i suddenly realized how Lucky I’m to have such a loving boyfriend like Nick… I know its necessary to say this but I don’t want to waste any opportunity and say this to you-

I love you Nick… Thank you for being there for me always.. I am so lucky to have you as my boyfriend, best friend, my guide, mentor, and most importantly LOVE OF MY LIFE…. I am so thankful to God for giving me YOU… Love you always and forever….

Rhys….. 🙂 “



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