Sun . Sand . and Rhys

This December we headed off for a little vacation. After the stressful semester exams that is exactly what we needed – A small getaway somewhere romantic to relax and let go of all our worries. ¬†Sounds perfect, right? Well, not quite. Not being Out to the world means we gotta take some precautions not to start tongues wagging. And that involved taking a couple of our friends along. ūüė¶ ¬† ….Ah Well I was determined to manage some private time for us – even if that meant throwing the others out by force.(Thank god it didn’t come to that. )

Rooms booked we headed off. But as luck would have it I came down with a fever. Now, I wasn’t gonna let a bit of ¬†fever ruin my holiday with Rhys. So after popping a handful of pills ( one advantage of being a Med student) I was fit as a fiddle. ¬†We meet our car and drive off. But the resort proved to be a bit difficult to find. And then we¬†realized¬†why…… It was quite a drive out of town , in the middle of reserved forests. Finally we arrived and boy was it amazing….. Built up like an actual little village, it had tiny lakes and garden lined by coconut palms and rustic little lanes connecting the various buildings. We arrive at the reception and are offered a flower garland and an awesome lemonade with cherry in it !!! Boy that is the way to start a vacation. We were then shown to our rooms and WOW was I blown away or what…..It looked like I had booked two suites and the hotel gave us two great ones that actually connected via a door in between so that now we had one GIGANTIC Suite with a huge balcony overlooking the surrounding forests. Perfection! And it got even better coz our friends decided to bunk together…… Which meant Rhys and I had our room all to ourselves!!! Yay!!! But right now it was time to hit the beach…… the reason we had come all this way – a pristine private beach with golden sand and gorgeous waves and absolutely none of the clutter of public beaches. So we bundle up our towels and swimsuits and catch the jeep to the beach ( The beach was quite a distance from the resort buildings , being right in the middle of reserve forests to ensure complete privacy on the beach ) As the expanse of the beach came into view we were spellbound. Think it can’t get better ?- We found a¬†masseur waiting for us¬†¬†at the beach.


This is the life – massaged into a numb state of relaxation on a pristine beach with rolling waves providing the background score and Rhys by my side. ūüôā But Rhys dragged me out to the sea and pulled me down into the waves. And as the waves crashed around us my sweet Rhys decided to take the chance offered my the waves and feels me up knowing how I can never resist his touch. Oh God the feeling of pure joy that rushed through me as i felt his fingers touch my bare skin under the cool waves…. I just wanted to kiss him right there on the beach but sadly I knew our friends would freak out so I managed to ( barely ) control my urge to take my boyfy right then and there ūüėČ . Rhys and I played among the waves till sunset then made our way back to the resort.

As we reached the resort we washed up in the outdoor shower in one of the gardens and then dove straight into the pool. Getting into a playful fight with Rhys within the pool I returned the¬†favor¬†and gave him some of that loving touch that he had given me under the waves. And boy did I enjoy it !!! After a quick ride out into town for dinner, we return to our rooms where I crash into bed , tired and feverish and cuddle up against my love for comfort . But Rhys did not know that I had something very special planned for the morning ……. So I get up early and fill up the bath with steaming hot water and some bath salts. And then I wake up Rhys and invite him into the bath with me. And the rest – as they say- is history ! ūüôā

Just words

I have often, in fact almost always used pictures to better illustrate my point while writing my blog entries, played with words and tried to be witty and humorous. To tell the truth, I have tried to make my blog entries fun to write and read.


But sometimes you just know that no matter what you say, no matter how good you are with words, no matter how many pictures you put in to illustrate the point; It will just not be enough. But still you must write. Not because it makes a great read, but because it feels like the write thing to do. Today is one such day.

And so today I will just write. No pictures, no wit, no humor, no puns. Just Words.

A little over a week from now, I went to my first ever gay pride parade. I stood on the sidewalk with my boyfriend and saw them coming towards me. The colours, the drumbeats and the people- ¬†strangers all of them, yet strangely familiar.¬†Mesmerized¬†I walked along side them. Rhys and I walked together hand in hand. It may not have been more than a hundred feet but it felt like we had made a long journey. For one day, on one street we felt free to be who we are, without fear,without judgement. And that has given me hope. Hope that if today we may walk proud and free on this one street one day in the year then maybe someday we will walk free on every street, on every single day. Some day ¬†another Nick ¬†will not have to hide his feelings for Rhys from the world. Some day some Nick will feel free to dream of his future alongside the love of his life without fear of being rejected by everyone else he loves. Some day…..

Such a day may be very far off but I have decided to keep walking with pride towards that day. And I do this for you Rhys. Because as you stood there beside me at the Pride I knew that this is where I wanted you to be for the rest of my life.  Now my dreams for our future are no longer mere figments of imagination but the goals that I work for. Now I feel free to dream of a life together, to dream of the table setting for our dinners, of the lilies in the garden we shall have, to dream of tea on the terrace at sunset, to dream of being a family.

As I said earlier, these are just words. But it was important to me that I write this. Thank you for bearing with me.

Saturday Night !

Friday night had ended with me crashing at a friend’s place while Rhys was busy preparing for his last exam the next day.

Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny for me with the prospect of a wonderful weekend with hubby dearest, free of exams, studies and college…..Ahh this is the good life! But as I look around me, all the other guys are still sleeping. Wake Up EVERYBODY!! Lets get going……

By the time everyone is up and out of the door, it’s already 11 am which only means one thing for me- Rhys must almost be over with his viva. And he was ….. So when I reach college he is pissed off at having to wait after his viva ( My phone batteries being dead, I couldn’t inform him that I was running late….) Well I know how to¬†apologize¬†to him and Boy! does he love it !!! ūüėČ

In fact we almost forget about a music concert we had planned to attend and now decided it wasn’t worth getting out of the covers for. So i snuggle up to him and well that always gets him excited ……:-P

I have no idea when we drifted off to sleep, but I wake up naked and cuddled up against his chest with his arms lovingly around me, I fit in precisely under his chin while his warm breath tickles the hairs on the top of my head……I could just sleep like this forever but having skipped lunch I had gotten really hungry by now. So I wake him up with long kiss and he just looks at me with his sleepy eyes that make me swoon like a little girl. Every single day I can’t get over the fact that this amazing guy is actually my boyfriend! ūüôā

A quick bite for dinner and we get dressed up and head out the door……

Mission – Pre – Pride Party

Destination – Private club at the outskirts of the city

Route – Unknown

Well, thanks to google maps we get there …..eventually! Turns out we are quite early…. in fact the place appears deserted. So we grab a drink each and settle down at the bar chatting. But the place fills up pretty quickly and soon we are jam packed against the bar between guys trying to grab their drinks and rush to the dance floor. So we decide to follow their lead and head out to the floor. As usual we pick out a corner of the floor to dance ( It’s always a bit less crowded than the centre ) An amazing DJ, mood lighting and my hubbies arms – Tonight my hips certainly won’t lie!! ¬†The music switches to a more romantic number and I lose myself in Rhys arms. He brings me into a slow dip and I bend backwards- my back arched till I can touch the floor. And close my eyes in utter bliss- ¬†at moments like these I can literally feel my trust in him pulsating with every heartbeat – I know he will never let me fall, in dance or in life .

As we end our little waltz I notice we seem to have acquired quite an audience. Well sorry guys but its time to get going for us. Its’ been a wonderful day and with Rhys beside me I know the night shall be just as magical……