Saturday Night !

Friday night had ended with me crashing at a friend’s place while Rhys was busy preparing for his last exam the next day.

Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny for me with the prospect of a wonderful weekend with hubby dearest, free of exams, studies and college…..Ahh this is the good life! But as I look around me, all the other guys are still sleeping. Wake Up EVERYBODY!! Lets get going……

By the time everyone is up and out of the door, it’s already 11 am which only means one thing for me- Rhys must almost be over with his viva. And he was ….. So when I reach college he is pissed off at having to wait after his viva ( My phone batteries being dead, I couldn’t inform him that I was running late….) Well I know how to apologize to him and Boy! does he love it !!! 😉

In fact we almost forget about a music concert we had planned to attend and now decided it wasn’t worth getting out of the covers for. So i snuggle up to him and well that always gets him excited ……:-P

I have no idea when we drifted off to sleep, but I wake up naked and cuddled up against his chest with his arms lovingly around me, I fit in precisely under his chin while his warm breath tickles the hairs on the top of my head……I could just sleep like this forever but having skipped lunch I had gotten really hungry by now. So I wake him up with long kiss and he just looks at me with his sleepy eyes that make me swoon like a little girl. Every single day I can’t get over the fact that this amazing guy is actually my boyfriend! 🙂

A quick bite for dinner and we get dressed up and head out the door……

Mission – Pre – Pride Party

Destination – Private club at the outskirts of the city

Route – Unknown

Well, thanks to google maps we get there …..eventually! Turns out we are quite early…. in fact the place appears deserted. So we grab a drink each and settle down at the bar chatting. But the place fills up pretty quickly and soon we are jam packed against the bar between guys trying to grab their drinks and rush to the dance floor. So we decide to follow their lead and head out to the floor. As usual we pick out a corner of the floor to dance ( It’s always a bit less crowded than the centre ) An amazing DJ, mood lighting and my hubbies arms – Tonight my hips certainly won’t lie!!  The music switches to a more romantic number and I lose myself in Rhys arms. He brings me into a slow dip and I bend backwards- my back arched till I can touch the floor. And close my eyes in utter bliss-  at moments like these I can literally feel my trust in him pulsating with every heartbeat – I know he will never let me fall, in dance or in life .

As we end our little waltz I notice we seem to have acquired quite an audience. Well sorry guys but its time to get going for us. Its’ been a wonderful day and with Rhys beside me I know the night shall be just as magical……



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