Just words

I have often, in fact almost always used pictures to better illustrate my point while writing my blog entries, played with words and tried to be witty and humorous. To tell the truth, I have tried to make my blog entries fun to write and read.


But sometimes you just know that no matter what you say, no matter how good you are with words, no matter how many pictures you put in to illustrate the point; It will just not be enough. But still you must write. Not because it makes a great read, but because it feels like the write thing to do. Today is one such day.

And so today I will just write. No pictures, no wit, no humor, no puns. Just Words.

A little over a week from now, I went to my first ever gay pride parade. I stood on the sidewalk with my boyfriend and saw them coming towards me. The colours, the drumbeats and the people-  strangers all of them, yet strangely familiar. Mesmerized I walked along side them. Rhys and I walked together hand in hand. It may not have been more than a hundred feet but it felt like we had made a long journey. For one day, on one street we felt free to be who we are, without fear,without judgement. And that has given me hope. Hope that if today we may walk proud and free on this one street one day in the year then maybe someday we will walk free on every street, on every single day. Some day  another Nick  will not have to hide his feelings for Rhys from the world. Some day some Nick will feel free to dream of his future alongside the love of his life without fear of being rejected by everyone else he loves. Some day…..

Such a day may be very far off but I have decided to keep walking with pride towards that day. And I do this for you Rhys. Because as you stood there beside me at the Pride I knew that this is where I wanted you to be for the rest of my life.  Now my dreams for our future are no longer mere figments of imagination but the goals that I work for. Now I feel free to dream of a life together, to dream of the table setting for our dinners, of the lilies in the garden we shall have, to dream of tea on the terrace at sunset, to dream of being a family.

As I said earlier, these are just words. But it was important to me that I write this. Thank you for bearing with me.

One thought on “Just words

  1. So happy to read this as you take this necessary step towards your dreams. Continue to be bold, and your dream will eventually become reality for you. I offer my very best wishes and support to you both.

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