My Precious!

Today, when I was going through our blog, I realized that while I had ( boastfully ) posted the poem I wrote for Rhys quite a few days back, I seem to have forgotten to tell you all about the wonderful gift he gave me. 

My apologies Rhys, 

So here it is ( drumroll please )

A bottle full of memories……


well, technically its filled with sand and shells from our vacation on the beach but those grains of sand and half broken seashells are my most treasured possessions now. For they represent a wonderful time of my life, memories that make me smile even in the bleakest hours and a love that gives me strength to face whatever life may throw at me. 

And as it now rests upon my desk, alongside a tiny piece of driftwood; I take comfort in the knowledge that I am loved ……. loved by my dear Rhys. 

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