Just like that……

First of all, I apologize to all of our regular and lovely readers for not being able to put up any post since long. And you know my usual reason, I was busy with studies and work etc etc. hahahaha.. 😀

Anyways, this post is not about any particular incident of our life. Instead it’s about how i had been feeling during the past week. when Nick was out of town to attend his cousin’s wedding and i was here, in the middle of all the work and studies. Usually, whenever i used to get free, i would text or call Nick and ask him for lunch or dinner (whichever it is), or simply text him to say “I am free.. 🙂 “. So it had kind of become a reflex for me to take phone out of the pocket when i get free.

But in the past week, whenever i used to get free, i would take my phone (without even thinking about it, just a reflex it is now), and i would look at the blank screen of my phone, smile at my forgetfulness, and keep my phone back in the pocket. Then all the way back, I would be thinking about Nick…

I have become addicted to you my love… Nick has always been singing the song “Baby I am addicted”- by Enrique. And during the past few days, i realized the actual meaning of this song, and understood why u always sing this for me (I am a bit slow, sorry for that.. lol 😀 )

“Baby i love You.. I am addicted to you… Muuuaaaahhhhhh…” 🙂



One thought on “Just like that……

  1. Awwwww……….
    Sorry love, that i wasn’t able to text u or talk to u a lot during this past week, but i am back now, and texting ( five texts since i started writing this comment) …… Missed you a lot too….. Wish i could have taken you along to the wedding as my date….. Someday maybe ……..

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