My Crazy Crazy Thoughts

I seem to have lost it. My mind keeps buzzing with a hundred different thoughts at any given moment and that is driving me nuts. So I decided to jot down here whatever is bothering me hoping that it will help me clear my mind a bit. So here goes……

Last couple of weeks have been crazy as hell. It would seem that both Rhys and I have been playing hard  to get. Which is actually far from the truth. But the more we want to spend time with each other, the more we are forced to be apart. Would have been hilarious had it not been so frustrating.

I had to go home for four days for a cousin’s wedding. And I hated not being able to take Rhys with me.  Anyhow I managed to survive meeting my extended family and came back hoping to find solace in his arms , only to find out that Rhys had to leave town for three days to attend his cousin’s wedding. 😦

He returns tomorrow but I shall be leaving town to spend the weekend with my father. 😦 😦

Is it weird ? This dependence on each others company to keep us happy ?


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