Just Another Day

A three hour long flight can be very boring, especially since I hadn’t brought any good books with me. With nothing to read, I decided to write instead…….

Friday, 1st feb-

Ever had one of those days when everything, just about everything seems to go wrong. Well, today was one such day for me . As I had mentioned in my previous post, I was going away for the weekend. But before I left I had hoped to meet Rhys, if even for a couple of minutes. But, as luck would have it, he was running late for college today. So he had to rush straight to his class and I didn’t even catch a glimpse of him. One more reason on my list of “Why I hate early morning classes!” In fact this one goes right to the top of the list, along with “No time for a good morning cuddle and more”. Anyways, I swallowed my anger ( and that was my breakfast today) called a cab and set of for the airport. Usually, with all the traffic, it takes me an hour or so to get to the airport but today

I reached the airport in 25 mins flat. Thanking my stars for the hassle free ride, I went to check in- and realized that I had started thanking prematurely. My flight was delayed by about 3 hours which meant I now had close to 5 hours to kill at the airport. Muttering curses all the way I managed to get through security check ( I guess I was lucky the policeman didn’t think my sweet words were meant for him ) and entered the waiting lounge. And was shocked! Never had I seen the waiting lounge so crowded before. I couldn’t walk more than ten steps without someone bumping into me. And my claustrophobia started acting up – a dream come true, as I am sure you’ll understand ( That was sarcasm in case you missed it !!!!! ) Anyway I managed to grab a chair in a relatively quiet corner- just a couple of toddlers screaming and crying here – and settled down with the only book I had with me – a compilation of question papers ! At least I managed to solve a good number of questions in those 5 hours. The flight finally arrived and I was one of the first people on board, so I could take my time settling down, with my laptop and books arranged exactly where I wanted them. Finally! I was all prepared to just lie back and bear with the flight ( Also hate flights but how else to travel ) So I plugged in some music and closed my eyes and waited and waited and waited…….. The flight did not start. Apparently we were short of passengers, who it seemed just didn’t want to leave the comfort of the waiting lounge. It took the ground grew an hour to locate these lazy bums, get them on board and prepare for take off. By now I had stopped hoping for anything good and just given in to whatever fate had in store for me for this weekend. Even if I hated everything I could at least come back and laugh about it with Rhys later – I reasoned…..
Thus prepared for a horrid time ahead I looked out of the window and was left speechless. The sky was the most vibrant violent with a streak of blood red cutting across it. Colours unmarred by the vestiges of our smoke-choked cities.  Sunset at 35000 feet. Turns out the day was just the a bad prelude for this grand Pièce de résistance – a sight that made the rest of the day fade away in comparison!