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Global Equality Today

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For decades the word “gay” was almost never heard in formal meetings at the United Nations. Today, after a series of recent diplomatic breakthroughs, awareness of the gravity and extent of homophobic violence and discrimination — and the need to tackle it — is widespread and growing.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and his human rights chief Navi Pillay have led the way. In 2010 they launched a global appeal for the decriminalization of homosexuality and for other measures to safeguard the rights of LGBT people. Since then they have taken up the issue repeatedly in public speeches and private meetings, urging governments to confront homophobic prejudice, not pander to it, and to punish violence and hatred, not love. Continue Reading

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Rising above ??? Seriously ??

Have a “friend” that turned out to be a jerk? The first love who dumped you before you could say “second date” ? Or that sista who has been bitching behind your back ? You are hurting ? And pat comes the advice from your “well -wishers” –  Move on ….. you are a better guy….. rise above the situation.


I’d rather just kill something…..take down a beast… slaughter and drink in my bloody victory….. and what better than his “holier- than – thou’ memory!

So lets leave all that “well meaning”advice for a (relatively) sane frame of mind. Its Bitchin’Time right now !! Get a bunch of your pals together, head to the local coffee house ( No alcohol – that’ll just turn you into a sobbing, desperate to get him back, pile of tears ) order your favorite brew ( I recommend white chocolate mocha – just the right amount of caffeine and cocoa to get those endorphins flowing ) and lets the tongues fly …

Take Him Down – from the bad hair style down to the out-of-season boots – and leave nothing, absolutely NOTHING in between. And dont stop till the dregs of coffee in your cup seem enough to drown the shattered remains of his ego ( in your mind !) And then bask in the cocoa filled glory of your victory !!!

Feel better, don’t ya ?

Hmm ….. Now lets move on and check out that adorable dude at the next table !!!!

Disclaimer – Following advice from this blog has resulted in insanity and fatalities. Do so at your own risk !


– Nick

Fashion Sense- Or the Lack of it!

Med School undergrads have never been known for their keen fashion sense, not in my college at least.But that doesn’t stop them from trying….. To the amusement of the general populace and blood tinged tears of the ‘fashion initiated’….  It takes all my self restrain not to scream and faint at the sight of my fellow men .  Here is the countdown of the top five fashion faux pas that made me cringe with horror this past week – 

 Number Five – Formal trousers with Chappals ( Slippers) 

Yeah it’s summer……. yeah its the tropics……. and Chappals are so comfy ! But why , Oh WHY, did u don on a formal shirt with it ??? What place on earth could ever demand this combo – unless you were heading to a board meeting in your bathroom ! 


Number Four –  White Socks 

Please take them off when you changed out of your tennis outfit…..The MJ fever ended a long time back….Don’t believe me? …… Check your calender – its 2013 now !!! 


Number Three – White rimmed Shades 

Please take a look into the mirror! You look like some deranged villain out of a Rajnikath movie. 


Number two – T shirt tucked into your cargoes

What possible reason could you have for this ? 


And the Grand Finale – Socks with Sandals 

*Speechless with horror*