Rising above ??? Seriously ??

Have a “friend” that turned out to be a jerk? The first love who dumped you before you could say “second date” ? Or that sista who has been bitching behind your back ? You are hurting ? And pat comes the advice from your “well -wishers” –  Move on ….. you are a better guy….. rise above the situation.


I’d rather just kill something…..take down a beast… slaughter and drink in my bloody victory….. and what better than his “holier- than – thou’ memory!

So lets leave all that “well meaning”advice for a (relatively) sane frame of mind. Its Bitchin’Time right now !! Get a bunch of your pals together, head to the local coffee house ( No alcohol – that’ll just turn you into a sobbing, desperate to get him back, pile of tears ) order your favorite brew ( I recommend white chocolate mocha – just the right amount of caffeine and cocoa to get those endorphins flowing ) and lets the tongues fly …

Take Him Down – from the bad hair style down to the out-of-season boots – and leave nothing, absolutely NOTHING in between. And dont stop till the dregs of coffee in your cup seem enough to drown the shattered remains of his ego ( in your mind !) And then bask in the cocoa filled glory of your victory !!!

Feel better, don’t ya ?

Hmm ….. Now lets move on and check out that adorable dude at the next table !!!!

Disclaimer – Following advice from this blog has resulted in insanity and fatalities. Do so at your own risk !


– Nick

3 thoughts on “Rising above ??? Seriously ??

  1. Of course it is about Rhys…..

    After all he’s the one I drag out to coffee ever so often to bitch about the world and how it just doesn’t appreciate the great talent that I am !!! 😛

    Nah, its just a random thought that came into my mind….Saw some friends posting fb msgs for their ex and got wondering why can’t they just move on and Voila- came up with a ( seemingly ) valid reason to gossip and bitch about people ! ( Like I need a reason to gossip !!! 😛 )

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