By the lake side…. :) :)

It was 14th April, 2013 (a day before my birthday 😛 ), when Nick had planned a date. So i met him in the afternoon and we left for the destination, HKV (Hauz Khas Village), a shopping complex cum a great hub of so many great pubs, cafes, and lounges.. We reached there by around 3 pm in the afternoon and both of us were hungry. But instead Nick insisted that he wanted to go to the lake and sit by the side for sometime. So i agreed to that, thinking it would just take 15-20 minutes.. And let me tell you that i was completely unaware of what was about to happen next…

We went down to the lake and started walking by the lake side while enjoying the beauty, the migratory birds and the weather. Just when we sat by the lake side, Nick pulled out a small box from his pocket and said “Happy birthday Baby.. 🙂 “. I was so surprised ’cause i didn’t see coming. On the box, there were few lines written on each side of the box.. Those were the lines which i said to Nick while i proposed to him an year back (which reminds i have to write  a post for that also.. 😛 ). After reading those lines so many times,  i  finally opened the box. It was full of around 12 small folded pieces of paper with something written on it. I opened all of them one by one and realized that nick had written the most special moments both of had had in the past 2 years… He reminded me how he felt when we used to study together and how even he used to try to hit onto me while i was trying to do the same… lol.. (hahahaha 😀 ). I mean i got sooo emotional and overwhelmed that i so wanted to kiss him just by the lake side.. But alas i couldn’t.. My baby that has been the best birthday gift i have ever received in my life.. Love you.. :-*

After this, we decided to try some new place for lunch. So we went to a Himalayan Food restaurant. Both of us were quite apprehensive about the new place. And surprisingly, that place turned out to be great. with good food, good ambiance,  and a great lovely company, my Nick.. 🙂 This followed another walk session by the lake side.. This time we sat a little high up and saw the setting sun. It was so beautiful. Nick also clicked a few pictures of that..

later in the evening, we went shopping for my birthday. Oh shopping with me is such a difficult task  but still my supportive baby never says anything and is always patient with me while shopping.

Later in the night, i had to go to my college to meet a friend of mine, my best friend to whom i am out. Her name is G. She had made a small lamp for me to surprise me. Although her gift didn’t turn out to be what she wanted, but her idea was good and that also made me so happy and i felt so special.. 🙂 🙂

The next day was my Birthday 15th April.. Yay..!!!!  I had spent the day with my friends, family and with Nick as well.. 🙂

Thanks a lot Nick for making my birthday and pre-birthday so special.. 🙂



Rhys.. 🙂

4 thoughts on “By the lake side…. :) :)

  1. I just realised – this is the first time we have posted photos of that we actually clicked , not taken off the net ! Never realised when we suddenly started feeling safe to do that ….. Wow i feel liberated !! 😛

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