A year and a half to the day !

A year and a half ago, Rhys blindfolded me and I opened my eyes to a world that had forever changed for me. No it was not love at first sight, we didn’t just know that we’re soul mates but what Rhys knew is that he loved me and had the courage to follow his heart no matter what the consequences might be.  And so a year and a half ago I had a boyfriend in this adorable, charming, caring, cute guy who is also forever keeping me on a tight lease, the no – nonsense sorts and a complete drama queen !

We started out on the premise that we’d stay together as long as it made sense for us to be with each other – not the most romantic of starts i know! But as the days rolled in weeks and then months I realized that being with Rhys was the only thing that made sense, that felt right. And so we didn’t really fall in love as much as grew into that wonderful warm feeling.

What can I say of the man who took a lanky, nerdy and obnoxious boy and saw beyond that harsh exterior;  my knight in shining armor who freed my heart off the fear I had never realized had held me captive. I have never been able to express how lucky i consider myself that you came into my life Rhys. You made me believe in myself once more, believe that I too deserve to be happy, to be loved, to be me.

Here’s one of our fav songs, something which always feels like it was written just for us !