One Fine Day Posts ….

The final year of Med School is harder than I ever imagined. Classes and case presentations go into all hours of the night and the books keep getting thicker and thicker till I finally gave up trying to haul them all the way to the Library and have instead started studying in my room. Of course, all this may just be my petty excuse for having disappeared from this blog for quite a while !


Quite a lot has been going on these past few months. Hopefully I shall be able to write about them all. In any case, I have forgotten exact dates and sequences in which these ‘events’ occurred, so I resort to the wonderfully ambiguous ‘one fine day’ phrase to help me out ! Here goes the first of the One Fine Day posts …….

One fine day, while the weather was unusually hot for this time of the year;  Rhys and I sat sweating in my room ( from the heat and nothing else , for a change ! 😛 ) discussing lunch options he made a wonderful suggestion – lets have dessert for lunch.  So we drove all of 2 km down to a quaint little market we had never been to before ( and i can’t think of any reason why not, considering we usually head out to the much farther markets ) and tried to find the little cafe which according to our friends, serves the best red velvet cupcakes in town. But this little cafe called Elma’s and Edward’s ( ain’t that cute ) turned out to be a really well hidden secret – or at least that’s what we thought since we drove up and down the street without seeing any signs of it. Stubborn brat that i am, I declared that I will eat only at that cafe and no where else even if it means I have to walk up and down the entire market street- and that’s exactly what Rhys made me do (  Gosh, he is finally getting a hold on how to deal with me……. will he change me into a better man ? I better be careful not to let that happen 😛 ) And I did find the cafe on foot ! Didn’t even have to more than a couple of meters from where Rhys had parked the car . Seems like even lady luck understands that a lazy ass like mine must not be forced to work ……not even by my own stubbornness!

The Holy Grail we were after !!!

It turned out to be the cutest little cafe with round white tables and mismatched chairs. We had a chicken sandwich ( on the chefs recommendation ) and for dessert lunch – Two red velvet cupcakes, one coffee cupcake, one slice of Victoria sponge cake with a filling of strawberries and fresh cream. No, we were not thinking about our waistline ! The food was divine. The grilled sandwich had an extra slice of bread in the centre drenched in olive oil which made the sandwich wonderfully moist. The cupcakes Rhys seemed to enjoy but I thought they were a bit dried out – we both agreed it was a let down from the high expectations we had built up. The Sponge cake however made up for it- it was light, airy, with the right amount of sweetness and the strawberries giving a delightfully fresh fruity contrast to the mellow flavors in the cake!

Sitting in a cozy little cafe and eating great food while I gaze into Rhys pretty face – This is how every lunch should be !!!

The perfect setting !



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