Fighting Homophobia – Change begins with us !

Many of us closeted gays walk a little conscious every day for the fear of being Outed. The worst part of this existence is the inability to actively oppose the instances of homophobia we see around us for the fear of being identified as a queer ourselves. It always made me feel like I was somehow contributing to homophobia and while recently I did privately talk to the friends whom I am out to and let them know when they inadvertently make a homophobic remarks or joke, it just didn’t seem enough.

And while I would like to think that in my own little way I am trying to change the mindset of people around me, I knew deep down that I could do a lot more, be a lot more proactive in my support of equality for all. But I am always afraid, What if I am called a fag ? What if I lose my friends ? What if …….

Bound in my fears I would suffocate in situations like these until such time that I began to keep my distance from anyone who made such jokes. Even when I knew that explaining to them as to why their jokes were hurtful would probably make them realize their mistake, I prefer to quietly walk away and in the process lost a few dear friends.

So as I continue with my one-step-forward-two-step-back approach to fighting homophobia, Hubby Dearest steps up and shows us all how it is done…….

Our college has a DramSoc and Rhys is a part of it ( he is soo  talented ). But the only play they put up is a satire on the famous and infamous students on campus. All in good humour of course. Except that any boy who shows the slightest of feminine traits is ridiculed as being gay . Rhys decided today that he just can’t be a part of this and walked up to the group and just plain out told them that this is Homophobia and he will not have any part with this. And so convincing was he that this group of armchair liberals and closet bigots just could not find fault with his logic and agreed to remove the offensive scenes. Rhys didn’t even have to resort to his threat of walking away from the production all together ( which is what he planned to do if they hadn’t agreed )

Rhys I am just so proud of you. All the while I keep yapping about rights and free speech and the importance of educating people and you simply get up one fine day and just do it. Even though we both know there will be a backlash and a LOOOOOTTT of trash talk about you I want to you know that I have never been prouder to be able to walk alongside you. Love you baby !

2 thoughts on “Fighting Homophobia – Change begins with us !

    • I am so proud of you… Even though you had to face a tough time today at your Dram Soc, you stayed honest to your principles and I absolutely adore you for that. Even if the going gets tough, remember that I will always be there beside you …. 🙂

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