“You’re Gay ?! ….. Me Too !……….”

With Finals barely a month away, we haven’t really been getting any time to blog. I have never felt so unprepared as I do now. Well, hopefully I will manage to pass and officially become a Doctor *fingers crossed*

A lot of new developments in the meanwhile. I came out to a cousin recently and it turns out he is GAY TOO !

I mean what are the odds of that ?!  It was a real relief to have someone understand in my own family. He introduced us to his boyfriend who is such a sweetheart!  And Rhys and my cousin just hit it off like long lost friends … It’s uncanny how Rhys always gets along so well with all my friends – One of my best Buds actually prefers to call up Rhys coz apparently I never answer calls or reply to texts !

Anyways my cousin and his Boyfriend have been insisting that we visit them sometime soon but with our exams coming up, there is just no time. And after the exams, I shall be going home while Rhys plans on a trip with his school buds. Wish we could take a trip together like last year but that seems unlikely this year …… Sigh…. So now I am trying to convince my cousin to visit us here . I really hope he does coz I so wanna hang out with him.

Anyways I better get back to studying !