Happily ever after ???

Happily ever after ???

‘ Happily ever after ‘….. three words that would be the end of all our fairy tales, a sendoff into the world of dreams as we were tucked into bed. And we would dream of the prince and princess and just assume that some day we will also have a ‘happily ever after’ story… 


But that assumption went very wrong somehow… Coz I grew up … and realized that a happily ever after is only sanctioned for the ‘right kind’ of love. The society we live in has the power to decide who should we love and how. 

Having personally been a survivor of the societal disapproval of my love story, I am trying to collect stories of people who went through the same… Please fill out this survey and help me in my mission to highlight the wrongs that we as a ‘miniscule minority’ are facing in the wake of the recent Supreme Court Judgement in India re criminalizing homosexual conduct….