Need Your Prayers

The fragility of human existence is brought home to us every day as medical students. But today it has hit a lot closer to my heart.

Rhys got a needlestick injury at work today. While it is usually documented as an occupational hazard for healthcare professionals like us, now that it has happened to one of us – ‘occupational hazard’ seems like a mockery of the dead weight that has fallen on us ever since it happened this morning.

Worse news – The patient was suffering from AIDS which increases the risk for Rhys a lot.

Thankfully we could start the drugs within a couple of hours of exposure. And that is the only good thing in this bleak scenario. Rhys must take them for like 4 weeks and he has been put on the high risk regime. The side effects are already beginning to show. And he must continue to work – he has two 24 hr duties coming up next week.

Please pray for us… for him …….

Pray that we have some good news to post here 6 months from now…..

If ever we needed your prayers this is it !!!


Indian Men : – Bat-Shit Crazy is my vote !

Came across this brilliant article that I want to shove down the throat of every macho straight guy who says, “That’s so Gay” …… 

Indian Men: Closeted, Curious or Bat-Shit Crazy?

An account of the atrocious sexual hypocrisies of the Indian ‘heterosexual’ male…


In fact I will proudly walk my ‘feminine’ walk ….. If you don’t like it, don’t stare at my ass !!!