Feeling Hopeful

I have been so caught up in my life over the last few months that I have not really been blogging all that much. I am sorry for that – more for my own sake than for anything else. For I had forgotten what a great source of comfort, strength and support this blog has been. A point that was driven home today when I received a comment that reminded me that people care about us and how our story turns out. That even if for a moment, our love is worth a pause in the life of someone a thousand miles away, someone we have never met….. yet they stop whatever they are doing just to send a few words of encouragement to us. 

Thank you Tony for your continued support over the years …. 

Done with the drugs

It’s been a bad month but thankfully it’s over now….. Rhys has completed his course of drugs. Despite having severe side effects, he rallied on and completed the course of medication knowing it would minimize the risks for us in the future. So even though he had to spend a month being nauseous and working through crippling abdominal cramps, he did it ! Now all we can do is wait for 5 months to get the test results ….. 


To celebrate the last day he was on drugs, we went to see a movie – The fault in our stars. Our first real date in a month. And though I cried throughout the movie, I was glad to have his arm around me.


Great movie by the way…. Do watch it but take a box of tissues along if you are anything like me and tear up easily !

Till next time