Work in progress

Rhys is still so far away and the time apart is torture. The time difference makes it all the worse. I don’t know how other couples in long distance relationships manage to keep their sanity coz I have been very nearly driven mad by longing!

Started work on a new painting – Alone.


A work in progress at the moment…… Acrylic on paper

Trying to channelize all the pain of seperation and vent it out on the paper so it stops gnawing at my heart …..

Be back soon Rhys



3 thoughts on “Work in progress

  1. Don’t feel so sad or lonely Nick..time and distance might come between us, but we are still in each other’s heart.. Safe and Secure…
    Take care.. I will be back soon..
    Rhys 🙂 :*

  2. since they eye sockets haven’t been filled, it looks scary ! are you planning to leave it as such, Nick? 😮

    • Yes I did plan to leave them empty ….. But for now it has been relegated to the back of my ( literal ) closet along with other abandoned projects.

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